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WOW!! Thats a low price!!
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  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Luther Oklahoma United States
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About Me

Hi my name is Kirstie!!! I am a very outgoing person but very shy at first!! I love my family and friends. They are the most important people to me and will come first till i am married and then everyone will be equal. Im not here for just sex so if thats all your intrested in dont contact me at all or message me back. I am a super talkative person exspecially when im nervous or tired. Im very clumsy and can trip over almost anything. Im a very caring person. My family is very big and we are always doing things together. Im pretty sure we have what normal people would call a renioun that normally happens once a year well we probably have them about 4 to 5 times a year. I love love love football OU all the way baby and I also love my dallas cowboys. I like to party with my bestie which is my roomate! Also one thing about her if you and her dont get along sorry i wont talk to you anymore. She is my sister, best friend, twin. She means the world to me. I mostly have guy friends cause i cant stand girls and their drama.I work at a nursing home in edmond and I love it! Working with older people makes me feel good just because they cant do for themselves anymore and I love helping others when I can. I dont judge normally unless theirs a reason too. I love getting my nails done and my hair dyed. I am spoiled yes cause I was the first grandbaby. You dont like that either well keep stepping. I want someone thats going to like me for me. No im not a city girl I just like the finer things in life sometimes. Im the kinda girl that will say hey lets go to the lake and have a beer and a cook out or just a ride on the boat to get some sun. But im also the girl that likes the fruity drinks and coffee.... Im not a tiny person I am very curvy and thats fine with me. I dont like games so if your wanting to play around like an imature high schooler dont bother... I've always been more mature than my age group. Well if you have any other questions or if you are intrested in talking to me then lets chat!!!!
What I'm Looking For

Im looking for someone that will like me for me. Wont judge of my past and understand why I am the way I am. Someone that will not cheat on me. Someone that wont lie and that will talk when something is bothering them. Because I believe communication is a huge part of the releationship. Someone that wont let me pay the bill well hopefully he will occasionally. I like to spoil my boy too. I just dont want a guy that makes me pay all the time. Also someone that is family oriented cause my family is so important to me. Last but not least someone that can take care of them selves.

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