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Hi, I'm Dario =]
Online: 2410 days ago   Updated: 2410 days ago   Joined: 2410 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Rhode Island United States
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  Thin, Average
  Clean Cut
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About Me

Let’s see, I love to have fun, I’m very crazy and funny at times. I’m mostly shy and serious but sometimes people cannot tell; I guess it depends who I am with. I am a smart person but I get confused really fast and sometimes I can get really evil but it is all fun. I can be pretty friendly and open minded sometimes. I love Horror movies, there is just something about being frighten that thrills me. I’ll listen to any kind of music but mostly Rock. My favorite song is My December by Linkin Park because it is one of the few songs I can listen over and over; My December is a song that makes me feel calm in a way I cannot explain. Reading is something I enjoy to do; it amazes me how a book can take me into an entire different world helping me escape mine. I also hide in the world of Manga and Anime. My favorite anime would have to be Bleach and Naruto. The world of soul reapers and ninja’s intrigues me. My favorite seasons are fall and winter even knowing my birthday is in August. I have quite a few friends and they mean a lot to me; they are the people who keep me happy, but I keep only a few very close. The color black fascinates me and therefore it is my most favorite. I love to eat French fries. Candy drives me crazy but chocolate wins my heart. The rain and snow are my favorite kinds of weather, especially the rain since it seems to smoother me. I also, love photography and that is what I plan to major in and also in Journalism. I guess all I can say is that someone will not really know me until they actually get to know me in person. So if you want to know more just ask me.
What I'm Looking For

Someone who is nice and funny, playful, smart, caring, and loves to have fun. I want someone who can amaze me with their mind, captivate me with their smile, and fascinate me with their heart. Because in the end what matters is what is hidden deep within a persons heart and mind.

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