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You never know what you have, until it's gone.
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  Age: 38   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Ohio United States
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

The name is Kelly(: I'm your typical 31 year old single mom. I'm a 6th grade English/Spelling teacher and I absolutely love it! I grew up in a family of three kids and all girls. My older twin sister is my best friend(even though we fight sometimes) she's always there for me and has my back, although my younger sister and I aren't the closet but I got her back and she's my backup system. I have two big buddles of joy Tori who's 9, and Taylor who's 4 months! I never pictured myself using a dating website until I gave on my regular life, and it was time for dating again. I love outdoors and somedays I'm a tomboy who loves football, baseball and I grew up on a ranch in Medina, Ohio with my parents and sisters with horses, chickens, and two donkeys...I love Friday nights and chilling at home after a rough, 5 day week at school and to chill down with my daughters to watch a movie! I don't have the greatest life and if people don't like the way I live, I'm perfectly fine with that because I love the way I live my life(: I don't bite ya, so don't be afraid to talk to me.
-I love guys with a silly and outgoing personality and who can make me laugh...but I DON'T like someone with a personality who thinks everything is funny. I love outdoors, so I'm expecting my man to like outdoors and four-wheeler's and who isn't afraid to get muddy like I do.

What I'm Looking For

I like guys, who are caring and can help me take care of kids when I need them too. They have to be outgoing, and I mean; they can be silly and funny(but they can't think funny is everything) because I have a big life, and everything isn't always funny. I definetly like guys who like outdoors like I do, like four-wheeling, dirtbikes and since, I'm your western, Ohio girl; why not get a guy who like farms? But that wouldn't kill me if they don't.

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