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Waiting for Prince Charming with Flaws
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The Basics
  Age: 24   Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic   Location: New York United States
The Details
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Scruffy
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About Me

M name is Kaylena. I enjoy laughing, & I am pretty sure I can make any moment worth reliving. I am Outgoing & very Outspoken. Personalty, I think I'm no where near perfect,but hey,who is? My maturity level lacks a few points, but hey We all need a little immaturity along the road now. I'm Honest and up front & don't like to play games. I open minded & love to live life.I write poetry & I dance.

Facts about me:
Fact #1 It takes alot to keep me interested but once you do, I cant stop being away ♥
Fact #2 Im only a fronter when I feel like you a player
Fact #3 I can tell when you are not being yourself and that is a turn off.
Fact #4 Im not that kind of girl who you bring to your "open crib", Im the type of women you bring out to dinner.
Fact #5 I hate when some one writes to me using slang. -_- Like did you even past the first grade. Im a lady talk to me like one.
Fact #6 If you are my friend and you see me more then that. Dont put yourself out there. Unless you can tell I feel the same and trust me you'll know. Other then that I just see you as a friend, so don't ruin our friendship.
Fact #7 I like a guy that has the pants in the relationship. To take charge and not wait for me to decide what to do.
Fact #8 Is that I play innocent but I can be sneakier then you think you are
Fact #9 I don't chase guys with little girl groupies NOT because I don't think I cant handle the competition but because I am more then a groupie & to be more then that I just have to wait for the guy to want to chase me.

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What I'm Looking For

Im looking for a guy that is honest and caring sweet & up front, Funny & trust worthy. A best-friend & a lover. He may not have all these traits but that's ok a few would do the trick. I don want no one perfect. Perfect is dull. Im not looking for a model even though that would be a plus but Im looking for someone I can be attracted to & Its hard to describe that because my type is all over the place. Like it says Im waiting for prince charming with flaws.

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