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Life is a game, play it well. ;)
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  Age: 24   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Northern Province South Africa
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  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

Haha. My story hey? Well Im going to be dead honest. Iv got a cocky yet very aproachable personality but i supose doing what a do, Im alowed to have one.

Before i began i practice i used to do table to table illusions and i was a magician for two years while studying. Belive it or not (and you wont belive it) i also do mentalism which basicaly means i can read minds. (yes, that dose get me laid like a rockstar ;) haha.)

I have recently opened up my own practice as a dating and life style coach. Having said that, I will also tell you that allthough i am probably the furtherst thing from a pervert you will find, i am a very social and sexual being, and if people dont like that well than thats just to bad.

i could drive you to bordom by telling you my star sign and what my favorite colour is, but that never realy makes gud conversation now does it. well thats all you get from me. if you wana find out more come and ask

What I'm Looking For

im looking for a girl who is exactly like me. she must have confidence in herself and in what she dose.

she has to be intellegent, thats a deal breaker. if i cant have an indepth conversation with you then im realy not interested.

flirtatiousnes. she has to be playfull and flirtatious. everyone loves flirting and so do i. i feel it makes the interaction way more fun

socialy dynamic. my ideal girl has to be as socialy adaptable as i am. i am very social and love having random convos with random people.

sensuality. i love sex. everybody does. anyone who says otherwise is full of it. my girl has to be sexauly open. i dont have time for little girls who cringe at the word 'penis'.

as for looks. haha. after spending the last 3 years of my life in the company of beautifull women, i have realised one thing. beauty is common. its nothing special. what realy counts is a positive attitude and great outlook on life


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