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Words are a Door, I give the key 2 my soul Freely
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The Basics
  Age: 25   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Oregon United States
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  Casual, Scruffy
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

My name is Jeff.

I am a person who values things like honesty, trust, loyalty, and morals. I'm the type of person who would take a bullet for a friend, or be at a friends side when ever they might need me. There are a lot of things that I am as a person. I'm kind, caring, reverent, honest, and prudent. I can all so be wrathful, easily annoyed, lustful, and a procrastinator. I am all so a joker, a talker, a listener, a philosopher, a fighter and a lover.

Who I am is the synopsis of what I am, and what I am is defined by the actions and reactions I do.

So, to give a synopsis of what I am, I'll start by listing things I enjoy doing.

I enjoy Sparring, Drawing, Hiking, Painting, Swimming, Writing, some Sports, Video Games, Camping, Movies, making and listening to Music, Art as a whole, Philosophy, Long walks on the beach, The Full Moon, Role Playing Games, Hanging out with friends, Working Out, Talking, Helping out my friends, Listening, Full Throttle energy drinks, The color blue, and I Love to Laugh!

I long and some what boring list, I know. That's more like a synopsis of a synopsis. So, I'll try to specify a bit.

I really enjoy Martial arts! It's one of my absolute favorite things to do/talk about!
I really enjoy Anime! I have loved anime for most of my life, and I don't think that will change any time soon! Some Animes I like are Yu Yu Hakusho, Berzerk, Evangelion, Dragonball (original, Z and GT[although less so GT]), Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and quite a few more although I don't care to list more.
I love most physical activities a LOT! (Working out, Swimming, running, hiking ect...)
I actually enjoy making people happy, but only if they can actually appreciate it!
I can seem to get enough RPG's (Rope playing game)! I see them as a great way to test ones cunning in dangerous situations in a safe environment using statistics and a set of rules based off perceive mechanics of reality!... That was a bit long winded, wasn't it?
I am all so an intellectual (or try to be), and a philosopher. I Enjoy learning, simply for the sake of learning!
I can't stay away from audio books, I've listened to more than I can count!
If one wanted to get me in an overly romantic mood, all they would need to do is take me to the beach on a full moon at night... I can't help it...
Oh, and my favorite color is blue!

Now that that is all listed, it would be time to describe my actions, finalizing my full synopsis of what, and who, I am.

Currently, I'm trying to get a job or get in to college. I need to fix up my car for transport, I'm attempting to write a book (it's harder than it looks :(...), I'm want to get a Doctorate in Paleontology, and I am looking for relationships in which to help me grow as a person and to help me know what I want for the future!

No matter how much of a silver pen (or keyboard in this case), words will all ways fall short in terms of describing a persons being. If you want a better description of me, you will just have to attempt to meet me.

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a girl around my age (18-23 about) who is looking for a good hearted guy.

A girl who likes both games (Video games, rpg's ect...)and sports or sport like activities (Sparring, hiking, camping ect...).
A girl who likes to have fun, likes to laugh, who can have a deep conversation and just as easily space out on an audio book or video game!

Most of all, I'm looking for a girl who will accept me, even if she does not believe what I believe. One who is willing to put aside any differences as long as she likes me otherwise. I know I would be willing to do the same.

Less important, but still preference, not necessarily athletic (Athletic is good though), but fit enough for physical activity (for example, if you could run a mile but you still wouldn't call your self athletic, or if you are in to martial arts and have a bit of muscle). I kinda want a girl who could hike or go camping with me. Or spar :D!


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