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I am me. You're approval isnt needed (:
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Kingsport Tennessee United States
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About Me

Heyyy(: Im Kara, im 18, and Im just gonna go ahead and tell you, i certaily am unique. I bet you $100 youve never met a girl like me before. Unlike most girls, i love video games. My Xbox 360 is my most prized posession. I would kill someone over that thing. Im really silly and always laughing at somthing, but I also can tell when its time to be serious. Let me just say, most of the guys Ive talked to have had the personality of a glass of milk. If you dont know how to carry on a decent converstaion, please dont waste my time. Also, if youre just lookin for a good time, move on bc I AM NOT IT. Im tired of getting messages that go like "hey u sexy lets meet" or "wanna see my ****?" That is a MAJOR turn off for me, and so are cocky, narsacistic guys that say "get at me ladies" or "hit me up". That just makes you sound like a desperate idiot. Anyways, Another thing about me is I try to find the humor in everyday life. A sense of humor is a must have with me, otherwise we wont click as well and ill probably find you boring, like most of the guys that contact me. Be different! I appriciate originality. Also, most of my friends are guys bc girls are too dramatic for me, so basically i could hang with you and youre friends and you would never think anything of it. Uh, i work at Sonic -.- It sucks but it pays the bills. As for music, I like about anything. "Hollywood Undead" and "Escape The Fate" are my fav bands though. I just want to go ahead and say, Sex wont be part of the equation and if thats going to be a problem you can go ahead and move on to the next one. Im going to stay a good girl until i find someone i truly love. I dont want to give my virginity to someone who doesnt really care about me. Ive lost a lot of relationships bc of the sex thing and its sad. Im looking for someone who likes me for ME, and that wont try to make me do things im not ready for. If Youre a real man, youll understand :) YES, i am infact, a ginger kid. Most guys dont like red hair, but there are the occasional few that fid it sexy ;) haha. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but im an intellegent person. I think intellegence is a good quality to have in a partner, I mean, who wants to date a dummy? I love meeting new people so if youre interested, send me a message. Ill reply to all. I dont judge.

What I'm Looking For

Well, my ideal match would be a guy that accepts me for the nerd I am, and doesnt try to change me to better suit himself. Someone who's patient, understanding, and funny, but also knows how to be serious when the time comes. Someone who Loves to laugh and show affection, because i love to cuddle (: AND SOMEONE WHO CAN CONTROL HIS HORMONES.

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