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Hey ya'll, watch this...
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Tampa Florida United States
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About Me

I am easy to get along with, at times I can be a ****.. I try not to be, it just happens when I can't tolerate someone who is being an idiot.
I am a southern bred and cornbread fed gentleman looking around this world to find whatever it is I can find.
I have many talents... Drawing, Writing, Sports, Hunting, Fishing...
I am a very hard worker and I have an endless supply of devotion for anything I set my mind to.
When I do find someone I have utmost respect and commitment to her and her only.
I was raised old fashioned mostly by my Aunt and my Grandmother, so I can cook and clean and take care of things on my own...
I worked construction for the majority of my life so I can build a house and make it a home with these two hands.
I have a son named Robert Dean, he turned 1 on Jan 29th 2011. He lives with the Hateful One.. But don't worry, there is no baby momma drama.
I apologize ahead of time if you ARE interested in me... You'll never be able to meet my father, and my mother and I do not keep in contact. However, my Aunt Shawna is a great person and I would be honored to introduce someone to her.
Overall I am family oriented and responsible and ready to just settle and take it easy for once.. No more childish games or spinning my tires.
Now than, if this hasn't scared you off so far, I want to say congratulations!!!
Not too many people can actually handle the truth, or if they can they don't know what to do with it.
Message me if you dare... and if you do, You have taken the first step into one hell of a ride!!! :)
What makes me unique is my A.D.H.D. with the greatest combination of snappy decision making in my repertoire of great personality and cunning.
Music and books, I never have had a personal favorite on, I am open to all sorts. They are all created just as we are, as an idea, and grew into something that many can see and hear.
Spending time with my son is a first priority for me!!! So don't be an egg head if you want all my attention on just you!

I am extrememly straight forward when I say things, 4 years in the US Navy got me that way; if it offends, perhaps you shouldn't make it a true statement.
And last but not least, I don't have room in my life for STD's (Stalkers, Tackiness and Drama)

That being said, please don't come at me with any of your list of problems, only way I would care is if it had any concern with what WE could be...

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What I'm Looking For

Just looking for a good woman!!! Looks are somewhat important. Just as any person out there, I want to be attracted physically, mentally and emotionally with her...

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