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Mr. Big seeks his "Carrie"
Online: 3405 days ago   Updated: 3405 days ago   Joined: 3405 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 55   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: SoCal California United States
The Details
  Yes - not living with me
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut
About Me

I love elegance and class, and I appreciate shorts and flipflops and just chilling. I love the finer things, and seek a woman who appreciates labels and high heels, as much as she can just relax.

1...to catch my eye? I LOVE elegance...don't get me wrong, a "sexy, playful, fun" side can also catch my eye ... BUT if you're a "fashion girl" (think Carrie from SATC or Sloan from Entourage) I DEFINITELY WANT TO TALK TO YOU!
2...to keep me forever? Show me your "passionate, loving, loyal, honest" side.
3...to live the dream with me? We need just the right amount of wrong - I want, need, and crave to fall in love with my best friend and spend our lives intertwined in laughter, playfulness, adventure and the comfort and warmth of being able to talk about anything with one another.

Your Relationship Mantra:
I will walk beside you as your equal
I will lay on top of you as your playmate
And in the times you do not see me,
I am behind you, watching your back.

I believe in love, the true, committed, unconditional "WE will address whatever comes along" kind of love.

I'm not here to "test the waters". I'm here to have butterflies that cause me to check my email frequently because I want so much to hear from you and with any luck, catch your eye and give you butterflies. If we each feel those things, then your first test to see if you fit with me is can you let yourself go? A key component of falling in love is "falling" which also infers loss of control. Do you have that in you or must you dictate parameters for falling? I don't let intellect dictate the parameters of matters of the heart. I don't fear being hurt as much as I fear not feeling. I don't fear failure, as much as I fear not trying. So if you're here because you're open to truly falling in love, and you understand that might entail the unknown and unpredictable, you just might be my wish!

Most ppl guess my age 5-7yrs younger than I am (I attribute that to my love of milk!) Music is a mood enhancer and basic life necessity! And I sometimes need a Mexican food intervention! And as for surfing…I can fall off my board with the best of ‘em!

I value love. I am a hopeless romantic and very passionate. I’m a generous lover and believe in passionate spontaneity and a theme of playfulness. I believe that every day should be laced with playful banter, love and adoration. I believe that each day begins and ends with our connection first and foremost. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable to my partner, and express openly what I’m feeling.

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What I'm Looking For

YOU: Your face is beautiful and you value that beauty, but you definitely also possess a flair that makes a woman so exciting to be around and gaze upon. You have the girlie-girl qualities (I love makeup, hair, heels, etc.,) but you're not afraid to be in jeans and T. You can challenge my intellect with innate intelligence and thoughtful opinions. Quick wit, pithy comments, sarcasm and the fun sexy playful quips and comments at random times all capture my attention.

You’re sweet and nice, but you have a naughty side that I can access with a whisper, look or touch. You’re strong, but weak. You’re assertive, but gentle. You’re independent, but need me. You’re playful…ok, no “buts” to this one! You’re fit, but not obsessive (c’mon, can we really survive without chocolate fixes!) You’re outgoing, but your favorite place is in my arms. You’re vulnerable, but not needy.

You love eating out, trying new places, cooking together, music, driving with the top down, bikini at the beach, movies (in or out at theatre), walking together, cuddling, spooning leading to forking, you don’t mind attention – but it’s my attention that matters, you don’t mind planning our days – but you’re comfy flying by the seat of our pants, you are silly, and silly nicknames have special meaning, you can be goofy and laugh at silly things, or you can enjoy relishing in feelings of love and you aren't afraid to express them.

As my partner you WILL feel adored...and as yours, I'd expect to feel the same.

You love holidays, traditions, setting new ones, snow skiing, going to the airport with nothing but our money and passports and picking a destination, you’re feminine, you appreciate spontaneity. You love sunsets, football, froyo and being pampered. You don’t mind crowds, but you’re just as likely to want just us together as a crowd of two.

You understand intimacy has many flavors, all important, and represents a journey of discovery for you and your man. Lastly, you genuinely want to take care of your man as much as he desires taking care of you as the center of his world.


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