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Hello World, open to meeting new people!
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Rochester.. Minnesota United States
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About Me

I guess other people would usually describe me as an athletic nerd. I have always been involved in sports, playing hockey and baseball are two of my favorite pastimes. I played varsity football, baseball, and hockey in high school, and now in college I play baseball for the club team at school. I also get out and play hockey as much as I can.

The nerd side comes from my like of computers. I am studying to be a computer and electrical engineer, so there is always a little bit of nerdiness with that. I also enjoy reading fantasy type shows and watching scifi, which can be pretty nerdy too. But I am always just out looking for a good time. I don't like wasting away in front of a computer, I like getting out doing and trying new things.

Other than those things I am a very honest person. You could ask me anything and I would tell you the truth, with some explanation of course. And I would expect the same from anyone I'm with. I hate lies, and I am good at reading people and knowing they are lieing. Comes from years playing some Texas Hold'em with my friends. I don't think things are ever as simple as they seem. I always am looking for the motivations behind why something happened, and not just the simple yes or no.

Generally I think I am a funny person as well. I try to keep things light no matter what is going on. I find it more fun to poke fun at things like horror movies. I just try and find the funny side of any situation, and will almost always try and end a serious conversation with a joke

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a girl who has some goals and ambition. I really like it when a girl has some plans for her life, and is going after them. Usually this involved schooling, so a girl with some kind of education is really nice.
I also am looking for someone who isn't uptight about everything. You need to be able to relax and make a joke or two at your own expense. I don't think it can be any fun if you can't laugh at yourself.
I don't really like to group people up into categories too much though, and try to give people a chance. You never know who your going to meet and what kind of person they would be, and I don't want to miss out on a great person just because of some preconceived things.


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