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Looking for a Devout Christian Woman. I am nice.
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The Basics
  Age: 24   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: De Soto Kansas United States
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  Slim, Athletic
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  None but want some soon
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  Very Short
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About Me

My name is Jonah Prescott. I live in De Soto, Kansas.

First things first, Jesus Christ is my personal lord and savior, I take my salvation very seriously and expect that any lady I consider dating has made the same life-altering choice as I have. I date with the intent to marry in mind, I do not do one night stands or flings and I certainly will not engage in any dating if it won't ever lead to anything, so if you are closed to the idea of marriage altogether you won't get far with me. I also have very strong feelings about pre-marital sex, I know a lot of christians in this world want to relax their beleifs/standards but I believe in the bible I believe in it's commandments and I will hold to them the best I can. In the future I look to marry a woman who will support my relationship with Christ and we will both work together to further our relationships with him! (If you'd like to know I am secretly am super attracted to the idea of just being with my wife reading the bible together, it seems very sweet to me =))

With all that said let's get to the fun stuff!

- I have lost 130lbs, I used to weigh 320lbs and now I weigh 190lbs =D. As a result of this fitness/health is a HUGE part of my life. I work out 5+ days a week and would take GREAT interest in a lady who takes care of herself. Also, when I do get married, I would LOVE to be able to spend time with my loving wife working out together! supporting each other in our fitness endeavors!

- As far as social circles go, I attend a weekly discipleship group on Thursdays! it is a small group of people who gather to study the word of God and try to apply our learning to our daily lives! My best friends are apart of this group and I absolutely love them. This same group also opens it's doors Wednesdays and Fridays, they bring in under-privileged children from a really bad neighborhood and teach them about the saving love of Jesus Christ! (I use to teach too) We also play games with the children like football and basketball =). Also, I'd totally be willing to be apart of your social circles if you wanted me to!

- I occasionally play chess with my Uncle. When I was pretty young my uncle bought me my first chess set for Christmas and taught me how to play. I really enjoy the game, I know it makes me sound a little nerdy and I suppose I am but I just love the critical thinking aspect to it!

- For time wasting I play video games and watch television (typical nerd stuff lol). If I have a relationship to invest in these are the parts of my life I can do without for the sake of spending time with a special someone!

- Right now I am enrolled at Johnson County Community College and this is my Freshman year =D!

If you are interested in me at all, have questions or just want to say hi feel free! don't worry I pretty much will ALWAYS respond! unless I am terrified/creeped out by you lol ;)!

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What I'm Looking For

Devout Christian Woman. Any woman that I consider dating must understand that her relationship with Jesus should be foremost in her life. God first, me second =).

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