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  Age: 69   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Santa Cruz California United States
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Tall Dark Handsome with great teeth quite white with growing up in small beach town in Monterey Bay Califorina now living by Ocean and Harbor
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Grew up small beach town Capitola California 50 yards from ocean. Small Croatian family with my Grandfathers are in the history books of central California. Semi-retired Government, Department of Defense, Engineering Construction Analyst. Still work on Inventing Engineering (Inventions). Cumulated permit incomes with insurances. The men in our family are Veterans being honorable. I am dyslexic to a fault except for being Master Jack-Of-All-Trades, means there not much I have not done or could do. Good with numbers, engineering, inventing an great massages. I like fixing any thing doing it in my shop. I am tall- 6‘3“, big boned as they say not a jock, broad shoulders, usually tanned with white but, handsome my mother said, good head of hair grayest blond hair getting a little longer. My feet to small but have size 16 ring finger, sausage fingers. Great white teeth that are cleaned every four months all mine usually have a smile on my face. The first thing I notice on a woman is her smile ;-) TEETH. I just cannot get past or over look that, so keep in mind. I might have a little OCD on teeth ;-) Have most of men’s ‘toys’ boat, truck, bike, motorcycle, two cars a rag top and roadster, surf board, belly board, golf clubs, etc. I am just up front, what you see is what you get. I am that I am like Popeye. Having all my wish’s met in life with having a gardener and house cleaner once a month. People person, being honest, honorable, reliable, humble, a giving person. Will help any one in need. My Spirituality and Faith in order. Tuning in, praying or meditation what every you like to call it every day. With living a peaceful harmoniously life with no baggage or worries or judging others. I sorry to say most religious people don’t think out side the box with living blind faith with being a ignorant and foolish with judging others. I live in the ‘NOW’ stay out of the past with living a very positive life being a person knowing creator, spirit, soul, heart with the meaning of life! “Love” Wishes, Healings with Miracles happen every second in life. I am leader not a follower with my ego in check keeping it under control. If you all ready judging my profile or grammar or spelling is wrong or to long. Then I am feeling your not serious wanting to know or find some one to share life with. Please pass me by! With being a big man, growing up boxing with marshal arts you could not be in better hands. I believe that man was put on earth for the woman feels protected and loved. A few years give or take does not matter really. You real don‘t know if we will pass to the next realm tomorrow. However, the kid in me that comes out, you will never be board, but I have my quite times also. 50’s to 80’s music I do love gospel music or quire music or big bands. Nevertheless, If you are out of state or country. Would like to live in one of the most beautiful places in America, Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz California say hello. Having dyslexia, trouble with spelling, words or remembering what I had for dinner night before. However, I am in good company because most of your famous or genesis are dyslexic. You have a problem with any of this? Please pass me by! Do not care if you are poor or rich or any nationality or whatever religion but there is a few I can get behind. With no housemates, keep a clean home and yard and pick up after my self with putting things back when I am done with it. Try SPA work out every day, swimming mostly, walks on the beach, bike riding, Qi Gong and up for any thing. Dislikes: cell phones, phones, long lines, microwave, bad teeth, liver, apples, heights, judgmental with egotistical people. I like gardening, flowers, a fire pit in my beautiful back yard that you have private see‘. That’s short walk to lagoon, beach, harbor from my home. Love to cook, does not mind doing the cooking. I take vitamins’ and minerals’ like going out for dinner a few times a week. I stay away from sugars and salts since 1980. I love going to the Hawaiian Islands or anywhere there is greenish blue waters. I look a bit like a King Neptune figure with big shoulders. A Bit like a swashbuckler seaman from being under an on top of the ocean my whole life. If you are not in to flirting, or being sexy at times, or not romantic because of past relationships or marriages, Please pass me by!. I just leave out judging with forgiving instantly. However, that does not mean I have to invite them to dinner. Will open doors for you, cook for you with treating you as a queen. If my picture or any of my profile you do not like. Or if does not bring a smile to your face. Please pass me by! If our personalities are some what alike with life stiles are close. If this profile is some what like you? Brings a smile to your face? Your some what like me? Knowing were not going to be joined by the hip with having our differences. Then please say hello ;-)

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