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Looking for a sweet Georgia Peach
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Fayetteville Georgia United States
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About Me

My Name is Jon and I'm 21. I was born In Beeville Texas, actually Chorpus Christi but I lived in Beeville. I lived there until I was three and I moved to Meridian with my Parents. My Parents are separate but they are still good friends to this day which makes the holidays much easier. Ok enough about all that. I moved to Georgia in July, with hardly anything but a few dollars, everything I could fit in my little ford ranger, and hope and determination. Luckily I found a Job very fast and as of Right now I'm living with my mom and a few room mates, but I do plan on buying a house in the near future. I am in School, I go to the Atlanta Electrical Apprenticeship Training Center in Norcross, I'm in my 3rd year of School and my career, and when I graduate I will get my Journeymans License I plan on one day starting my own company.

I live with three women, and it's nothing like I thought it would be...I'm the only one ever home *all three are flight attendants* So I'm constantly the main one that cooks, does laundry, and pretty much keeps the place clean as well as protect the house... They say a woman makes a house a home but it was kinda weird when the guy actually did it.. One of my room mates told me I would make the 'Perfect husband' because i know my way around a kitchen, but I promise, it's out of pure necessity lol. I don't expect someone else to feed me, or take care of me...

Things that I like. Well as far as the whole music thing goes, I pretty much listen to a little bit of everything. With rap I listen to some, but mainly Eminem, even though he's got some comical songs he has more serious tone that I can follow, where as other rappers tend to babble on about pure crap. I love the 'Nu Metal' genre. Skillet, 10 years, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamins, etc, if it's got a good beat I'll jam to it. And I do have a soft spot for country, I didn't necessarily grow up in the boonies, but compared to where I live now, yeah I'm country lol.
Comedy movies I would have to say are my favorite. I love getting a good laugh in, laughter is what keeps us smiling for days on end. Whenever you're feeling a little sad or just bored, it's always fun to look back on something funny and smile. Aside from comedies I enjoy a good action flick, and maybe the occasional Chick Flick. Yeah I liked the notebook, not a whole lot of others, but the notebook was pretty good. Just don't tell no one I said that. :P

Hobbies...Well lets see. One of the Hobbies that I haven't been able to do because of the cold is Ride my motorcycle. I've always wanted one and about a year ago I bought a 250 Honda that I'm really outgrowing, but it's a lot of fun just to take down to Senoia or little country roads and just explore. I am upgrading, but it's a work in Progress. I'm currently rebuilding an antique motorcycle and the thing is Kicking my tail, plus I haven't had time for it due to the cold weather and work, so I'm sure it's going to be an experience getting my hands back on it..
I love to fish, I could spend hours fishing and not catching anything, but I'm not the type to spend thousands on equipment.. Just give me a can of worms, hot dogs, or something like that and I'll fish til I run out of bait or have something I need to do. It's just a break from the hustle and bustle of everything and a chance to just kick back and do nothing really.
My more expensive hobby would have to be one that I've been doing since I was a Kid. I love shooting, everything from pistols to high power rifles, I love doing it. Right now I'm away from all my stuff back home, but I like going out to the range and shooting my pistol..And here soon I have a buddy I work with build me an Ar-15 for target shooting and Hunting. One thing I hate about Georgia is not being able to go out in the back yard and shoot a coke can without the neighbors raising hell.. Lol.

But anyways, that's just a little bit about me, I'm a little City, a Little Country, and a guy who loves to have fun.

What I'm Looking For

Well, he's kinda funny looking, always wears a red and white striped shirt, and is extremely elusive. I've been looking for him my whole life and I thought I found him a couple times, but I haven't, so if anyone finds Waldo will you please tell me? I can't locate the guy for nothing. I'm not sure what i get if I find him, but I'm trying to lol.

In all seriousness, I'm looking for what everyone is looking for. Companionship, love, and a best friend. I want a girl who isn't afraid to get dirty but at the same knows how to get ready for a night on the town. I want someone special, someone with good morals and goals, who respects herself, and will stand up for what she feels is right. I want a girl who will be by my side through Laughter and Tears, good times and the bad times, Happiness and Sorrow, and someone that can make me smile. I've got a lot of love to give, but I want to give it to the right person.


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