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I am NOT here to play games....
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The Basics
  Age: 68   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Rosharon Texas United States
The Details
Sexual Orientation:
  Clean Cut
Eye Colour:
  Yes - living with me
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short, Long
About Me

I am very outgoing, witty, affectionate, romantic, honest, generous, understanding, and a good communicator. I will also be honest with you here. I can be a little hard headed, determined, and impatient. I bleed, I hurt, I laugh, and I cry. We all have faults which as I get older I tend to recognize mine and work on them to improve my life. I have strong country roots and grew up with heavy morals and values.I am first and foremost a father of a stepson 15, I completely adore my child. I try to maintain the philosophy that the most important things in life aren't things at all. My friends say I am a blast to be around. I love to laugh a lot and make people around me happy and comfortable. I am compassionate about God, my children, my family, cooking, the outdoors, dancing, and music. I enjoy so many things in life.
What I'm Looking For

Lady Wanted Or good friend. Hi…… If you have a large boat, a house with a in ground pool or a house on the water (must be Beach, River Or Lake), plus, plus and Big plus and if you are tall and beautiful you don’t have to cook, just clean and bring me a beer when I need it….LOL.. LOL.. LOL … I am only kidding because I love to cook and I know that there is No such-thing as The Easter Bunny, No Santa Claus and No Perfect Woman unless you want to prove ( to establish the truth or existence of something by providing evidence) me wrong. OK, let's cut through the mine field of crap on this lovely website, not to mention the Houston dating scene. We both know what we want. But, after years of dating our standards are totally unreasonable, we judge and prejudge and post judge and grasp at straws to meet someone AMAZING and end up settling for the lump close by. Screw that! Let's take a chance on something random that might be totally nutty and amazing.
I'm a frickin' genius who happens to be beautiful....you need to be normal, but have some wacky ideas. We'll chill, get drunk, cry about those nasty Gulf Coast oil spills and trapped Chilean miners, the death of Obama I mean Moammar Gadhafi and maybe jump each others bones, cuz damnit we're both insane and irresistible. Or we'll be BFFs 4evah, whatever, I just need more stimulation than the Ladies that I know can ever provide. Less talk Johnny…Ps: I am Financially & Emotionally Mature most of the time……I have been told that you learn from your mistakes so it is time to make a mistake…..


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