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I drink my scotch on the rocks, is that weird?
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: San Dimas California United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Very Short
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About Me

Hi, my name is Scott. I'm kind of an odd hybrid, being both a bit nerdy and athletic, and a sarcastic gentleman (oxymoron? Maybe). I tend to try to find humor in most situations as a way to lighten the mood if nothing else. I've always been mature for my age, brought on by necessity mostly. I'm a very trusting person, and I generally start off trusting new people. Of course, the flip side is how easily that trust can be lost. I'm also extremely loyal (read: faithful) and I tend to behave protectively (not jealous, but I'm not one to stand there and let bad things happen to me or mine).

What I do for fun: motorcycle riding, computer games, playing basketball, watching sports (Lakers, Dodgers, Steelers), martial arts, steel or range shooting, hiking, camping. I don't watch much tv other than sports normally, but I did just get Netflix. I really like the shows Dexter, Numb3rs, Southpark, and Law and Order: SVU. I actually really enjoy cuddling with my partner (I guess that's what it's called - showing affection).

I'll elaborate a bit on what I mean by sarcastic gentleman. Basically it has to do with the difference between my behavior and my wit. Yes, I will open doors for you, I will pull your chair for you, I will get the bill, you can place your hand in my elbow the way gentlemen used to walk with ladies. I will pick you up, and I will always put forth the effort because I believe that the girl I am seeing is a priority and deserves to be treated right and with respect (this is probably why parents tend to like me). I do want to have a family someday as well. My sarcastic side is obviously noticed in what comes out of my mouth. I'm quite practiced at it and those who are not familiar with me sometimes take offense because I will say things with a dead serious straight face, even though it is a sarcastic joke.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a long term relationship, ultimately, with a girl who has a responsible personality and will actually enjoy my company. It's weird to be in relationships where affection is minimal; I just don't get that. Obviously it's pretty hard to look at someone's profile online and go, "she's the one", but I'm hoping to meet someone from online and be able to say that one day.

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