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The Basics
  Age: 53   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: New York United States
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About Me

I am an average person who likes to exercise and get fit. I am little bit of conservative side but open minded for religion, custom, culture as well and am happy person who likes to give almost everything at 100% for recreational activities such as running, golfing, watching sports event, listen to the classic music slow rock n roll, jazz, blue, disco, country(not good for singing or playing instruments) I can dance all day long but not a good and sexy dancer but can make a fun out of it. I would like go to see theater, ballet, opera, movie and etc..
I hope some day after retire, would like to travel in the USA more and around the world.
This year, last spring, I travel the Philippines and this fall, looking forward to visit France or Africa (Senegal). Maybe both if the time allow. India or China is next year list.
I like go to mountains especially Canadian rocky mountains, call Jasper area Himalaya later. I would like to barbecue in the Lakes and sip some of wine with lady who is crabbing for wine but don't matter of red or white, can be relaxing. Of course beach can be added more fun especially the sunset beach in Hawaii(this is my home, oops-please don't tell anybody) is my favorite so far(accept Boracay beach in Philippines)
We know that life is journey!
We know that life is full of sits!(hey, don't say that)(Sorry, I miss fired)
But, it can be fun, joyful and wonderful.
You and I know that time is essential.
What ever you and me or everyone says about past this and future that.
But what we don't know is tomorrow.
I respect and treasure "Today". (I love you Today)
People around me say that I look serious and busy but I am truly relax and can be very lazy.
I can be hang out in New York city the Metropolitan museum, Time Square and Broadway on Saturday or next day, I will be in garage sale in up state New York.
I can sleep all they on Saturday or I can run 10 or 20 miles next day.


What I'm Looking For

I am looking for lady who has open mind and looking to enjoy the life that given to us only once.
Lady who knows how to make people laugh little bit, knows how to make man angry some times but respect with sincere, knows how to make a man to be a her server and lover but not a absolute dominate figure .
Lady who has some sense of humor will be big plus.
Lady who knows massage will be a big help.(I can give you wonderful massage although it is not my profession)


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