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Tired of looking? No BS here. All truth.
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Cincinnati Ohio United States
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About Me

My name is Julius but I go by Jay. I would love to put a bunch here but for starters I will stick to the basics. I get along with just about anyone. My friends come from all walks of life but they are the best anyone could ever ask for. I work a real 5-6 days a week 1st shift job, I'm the bug man, (pest control) lol I love it and the pay isn't to bad it works for now. Don't let that fool ya I got me an eduMAcation, if you wanna know what, ask... I believe in karma and try to live my life to that statement meaning I don't lie, cheat, steal, hit women or do drugs (does maryjane count?) The name on my profile is what they call me at work, I fly with the pesticides I get the bugs GONE... All G1 Baby!!! LMFAO. Your going to have to ask me about that to get the joke :-) I have a son and daughter, Mariah-2 and Evan-7. I am looking for my better half. I am looking to be treated with the same respect that I will give to you. I don't push the whole sex thing right away it doesn't work that way for me, time in the beginning is good, gotta get to know each other, right? I like all different cultures foods, I love Chinese and Mexican food, spicy is good... I can throw down in the kitchen too nor am I scared to do laundry or clean around the house. If your looking for someone that will treat a lady like shes suppose to be treated and plan on doing the same for a real man hands down hit me up. I listen to all types of music but country is my least favorite and if that's all you listen too period then its not gonna work lol My favorite bands currently are Pink Floyd (always will be #1) Five Finger Death Punch and Evanescence. My life is an open book ask away I will be 110% with you all the way because that's how I am and that's how you should be too :-) Honesty and faithfulness is how I roll. Im a little bit ol-school, Im a little bit country, Im a little bit inner city and Im all me hunny take it or leave it. If your still reading good for you because some people that message me clearly don't lol, I read every word of a profile before I send a message.

P.S. Im a little ADHD and ADD at times I can be very random, its alotta fun tho :-)

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What I'm Looking For

I like a woman with brains. Someone faithful and honest. Most importantly, someone that's going to treat me right and not fly off the handle over stupid things... I don't do screaming matches or anything like that I wanna get along you know? Lifes to short. Just be honest with me in the beginning, regardless of what it might be you would be surprised Im the least judgmental person you will ever meet I would give anyone anything if I knew it would help them. Once I get lied to tho the trust it totally gone no matter how small the lie, I don't lie I expect the same or its not gonna work out. I have been through alot and I just want the real deal, Im ready to start something great with someone great. I have to be honest and upfront. I know what I want. Im a really nice guy and if you get to know me you will see that, don't be shy I don't bite that hard.....

Pretty eyes and a pretty smile w/ a sense of humor will win me over....


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