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I'm blunt, Deal with it or move on.
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Simi valley California United States
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About Me

I may not be the prettiest girl or the skinniest girl or even the smartest girl... I may not always say the right things but I listen. I'm the girl who even though I can't put a smile on my own face , I put one on everyone else. I'm the kind of girl you can hear from miles away. The kind of girl who keeps messing up' & saying "oops sorry", I trip over everything, & I get so mad at the simplest things but I'm also the girl who holds nothing back and tells it like it is. I'm the type of girl that keeps fighting even after the battles already won. I'm 5'4 but don't look down on me because I can stand up for myself and I wont hold back telling you like it is. I weight 107lbs and work out every day. I'm very picky about who I accept messages from so if you send me a message and I don't reply it's probably because your to old or just not what I'm looking for and I honestly won't waste my time even talking to somebody out of my interest. I can be the nicest girl in the world but I can snap back really fast so don't try anything funny. I'm not looking for a hook up or some stupid crap like that. I'm looking for something serious and real. If you can't handle that then you can go find some other ho on the street. I can be pretty crazy and I love to talk so don't be shy because that's a huge turn off, just be yourself and everything will be fine. Anything else? message me :)

What I'm Looking For

Do not message me if you have any of these things:
-Constant facial hair, If you shave it once it comes in , alright, but if your trying to grow a santa beard, no. I HATE hair.
-Over the age of 22, NO. Your way to old and it's creepy.
-Looking for a hook up or some shit, NO. I don't play the hit it and quit it game and if i did , i'd be putting boys to shame with the damage i'd do.
-If your SHY. NO. I do not want to start EVERY conversation or have a guy say " i don't know what I want to talk about " there are over a billion subjects you could talk about and to get to know someone you have tot talk about them all so just spit it out.
-Ask for my number, no. Ill give it to you when I feel I want you talking to me besides on here.
-Cocky or feel you know it all and willing to fight me over stupid crap, go back in to the dungeon you were let out of, You don't know everything, no one does and I will be the first to put your ass in check.
-Not fit, if you do not have muscles don't talk to me , and I'm not saying you have to be the hulk but just a little something to squeeze and hold me , flat stomach to , if you have fat on you, no.
-Need to have a car, #1 pretty much. I do not drive and I have reasons for it, mainly cause I'm a girl and a terrible driver but eh whatever.
-Can't live more then 45 minutes away, that's to long of a drive and if you ever plan on taking me home with you I will rant about how long the drive is. So do some research before talking to me.
-Do not call me sexy, hott, or whatever. My names Jessica. Ill accept beautiful to.
-Has to have a job, last but certaintly not the least important rule, I make money, so can you. :)
Just saying, I'm here to find a REAL relationship not some pety shit. So talk to me if your not a puss, ;)


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