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Are there any live men here?
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The Basics
  Age: 51   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Southwest Rural Oregon United States
The Details
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  Very Long
About Me

5'5", 126 pounds, past the shoulder length naturally blonde hair May through September, a Medium Auburn October through April. I wear a size 3 or 5 Junior or 4 or 6 Petite. For you guys, that translates to a 33B-22-36-1/2. Pretty much what I look like in my photo though I dressed for Oktoberfest and had a clip on set of bangs and don't normally braid my hair with french Braid Pigtails. Never married, no kids, well educated. And no, I am not high maintenance, I maintain myself well enough and ever were I to marry, intend to continue so. You be self maintaining too. You have to forgive me for no profile photo. My hard drive containing 12 years of photos was destroyed. I managed to recover a few, but they are small ones that this site won't take. If you write and make yourself the least bit interesting and include a face photo, I will respond with a photo or 5. I will not describe myself as glamorous or beautiful, but most call me cute, sweet and pretty.

Least I forget, I am bisexual and love women as well. I prefer men sexually but women in so many other aspects. naturally, laws being what they are marrying another woman would not be possible, Presenting the problem, I probably would not seek a long term, live in situation with another woman, but can't be certain of that. with a man, the right man, I would like to marry. But only at the time and if right. if moving in together, i would expect the man too be seriously considering marriage. I give away my secrets and weakness there. But on marriage, one final thing. I can easily accept that for financial or other legal reasons other than bigamy, we might not want the marriage recognized and registered. So privately giving vows to each other could be good enough, as long as the commitment is expressed. oh, and not something to be rushed into.
Beauty is much in the eyes of the beholder. You just never know until you see it. oh, my eyes are an emerald green. Plenty of times that both women and men have commented about how beautiful my eyes are because of the additional glimmer and intensity. A few of those times actually congregating a crowd to look. That always has me blushing. Oh if you guys only would learn to flirt. A little hint to you about flirting is it should be done without any further expectations, just to make both you and the woman feel good. The flirting being a reward in itself. And it really has to be devoid of sexual attraction to work. Do this guys and you can have it all. You absolutely must convey that you are interested in a woman for interests other than sex. Romance, not sex will follow. And if you are simply after sex, I pity what you are missing. Making real love is the best experience of all. Life is not like a porn film. And women are not just sex toys like you have been led to believe.

What I'm Looking For

Any real man, first as a friend and willing to take a little time before going to the next level. While I prefer a man who lives close, that hasn't worked very well. So, this has gone global. Bad thing is I have about a 200 mile trip by car to the airport, and not very fond of parking my car there very long High fees and theft and I am fond of my 2007 Mercedes 450 SEL convertible. Pretty useless locking it up. Stand and deliver. in other words let's see what you have to offer by taking the lead and see if yoou can impress me. You have to do better than minimum effort that is all too common.

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