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Any good hearted women out there?
Online: 2350 days ago   Updated: 2353 days ago   Joined: 2353 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Jane Missouri United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Occaisional smoker
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
About Me

Im a laid back person, i like video games(to an extent)and spending time with friends, i am a big respect person, thats a #1 thing for me. I am the romantic type, cuddling up watching movies, deep conversations, etc. I like doing anything that my significant other likes, even if i don't like it, quality time is a good thing to have

Things that have bothered me:
trust is a big thing for me and when i trust somone i always get hurt. Liers and Cheaters.

My Favorite Music Groups are:
I dont like much new music, mostly slipknot, mudvayne, marilyn manson and other hard stuff, but i like soft music too, though i can listen to anything exept hiphop and rap, i cant stand it lol

I am a very Laid back, i can compromise in almost any situation. There is an example below
My ex girlfriend cheated on me and gave her virginity to my best friend after two and a half years of us being together, and i tried to sit down and talk to her and find out why she would do something like that to me, but she just got defensive and said she hated me, we broke up and she told her new boyfriend all this stuff i was calling her, and i hadnt called her a single name, not even after cheating, he was threatening me and everything, and i walked up to told him to his face i wasnt saying anything about her, she was out of my life and i was over her

I am completely ready to start with somone new

My Wish List Includes:
College starting next year, going in for Computer Tech
Finding someone i can share a long happy life with
as well as making something of my life, so i can take care of my family

Religion is always important to me. I'm not materialistic. I smoke. I drink sometimes. I Love all kinds of pets. I like to travel. Sometimes i am very active. I spend long hours at my job. I am a spontaneous person. Friends are important to me. I like competitive partners. I don't like Clubs/Bars.
lots of stress in my life. I try to stay in shape. I eventually want to get married and to have kids. Sometimes i can be stubborn. Sometimes I enjoy going to the movies. Sometimes sex is important to me, after being together for a while, when the GIRL is ready for it to happen, I don't think with my penis like a lot of other men.
I like a clean place, and i do a lot of cleaning

What I'm Looking For

Im looking for somone funny, that i can trust, and will be mature when a situation comes along were we dont agree, i dont want to argue, i like to talk things out and make things better, fight never solves anything.
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