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Music is life, and Life is Good right now.
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Colorado United States
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  Blonde, Brown
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About Me

I am a musician who plays bass and vocals and screams in a metal band in the Denver area. I go to the gym almost daily. I play frolf on the weekends when I can't think of anything else to do. I do in fact read comic books still and play with legos; that doesn't mean I'm childish in a relationship just in certain ways I do hold onto that piece of my childhood. I work 8-5 monday through friday. I go out when I can. I am a beer connoisseur, as well as a movie connoisseur; both happened on their own I didn't even realize I was one until I thought about how much I enjoy trying new beers as well as going to the movies. I am an eagle scout and really love going out and camping or backpacking, or hiking, or rafting, pretty much all of the high adventure stuff. I am very easy going, but I will say I am awkward to talk to unless you spark my interest so if I am taking that first step to talk to you don't let it die off cause I'm being awkward help build the conversation.
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What I'm Looking For

Someone who loves music, whether it's mine or my preferred music, they can't be deterred by it. I would prefer someone with tattoos and piercings; or who is at least ok with it cause I'm looking to be covered in them. Someone who is hard working and not just another pretty face, that's not saying that she can't be attractive but I've dated a couple girls who've relied more on their looks than their brains and I'm a little tired of that. I'm looking for a real woman that doesn't play games or expect me to play games, I just want someone to share my life with whether that's as a friend or as a significant other. Someone who is fun to be around, and that's not party fun. They need to have self control cause again I'm tired of girls who get really drunk and run around like an idiot for several hours. if any of this sounds good to you hit me up.

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