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More than just another flower in the field!
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  Age: 34   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Missouri United States
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About Me

I am a 22 year old Master's student Southeast Missouri State University although I am originally from Springfield, IL. I just graduated with a degree in biomedical science and chemistry; although I had intentions to attend medical school, I recently had a change of heart have decided to peruse graduate schoo (you can ask why but it's rather long)l. For my Masters, studying environmental health with a thesis in public health.

I have the greatest friends and family, the most loving God and am overall blessed more than I could ever dream. I don't need a man to be complete or happy it's the fairy-tale that I still desire though deep down. I am a porcelain doll, fragile and I break easily. I am looking for a real gentleman, a traditional stand-up kind of man. Someone who is fun and caring, true, honest, respectful and loyal. I am not one of those people who thinks there aren't any good guys left, but as Michael Buble put it, "I just haven't met you yet". I am sweet, kind, hardworking, open and honest. Everything on my profile is who I really am and I expect the same from you. Don't lie about who you are! Also I say I am a christian, however I am not an every-sunday church girl.(Ask if you want more clarification....)

About me my general interest include God, the outdoors, sports, staying physically active, traveling, photography, cooking, baking and reading. I am a morning person but part insomniac, I also love to kayak-wish time allowed for my adventures. I listen to country music, I am a Red Sox and Patriots fan, I rarely wear make-up and for my movie preferences I watch mostly chick flicks- I am very much a hopeless romantic, fairy tale dreamer. I also very much enjoy politics and civil debates, plus I enjoy history and am a very proud American.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for something real, something beyond internet communication (of course following good conversations and the get-to-know-you stage). Someone to date and hopefully something long-term. I am a relationship kind of person.

So message me if:If you have ambitions in life, are a little geeky, happy, physically active, enjoy the outdoors and museums, sing along to the radio without embaresment, and don't drink (or rarely)....if you are romantic, day dream of love stories and happy endings. Like the chessy but sweet things like holding hands on a spring day walk, kissing in the rain and star gazing. If you like to cuddle and aren't afraid of a little PDA, if you listen to God and are close with your family, enjoy traveling and aren't afraid to fall in love.


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