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  Age: 40   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Halton United Kingdom
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  In Need of Attention
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  Lesbian, Bisexual
About Me

I am nice, sweet girl. I'm looking for a serious relationship. I do not smoke or drink. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I love to play sports. I love to run, play volleyball. I love to swim in the pool. I like to walk in the park, going to the movies, theaters. I am kind, cheerful girl
What I'm Looking For

Okay, here goes.. I am jovial, honest, reliable and non-judge-mental as well as selfless. I value friendship and love family, I like a night out for dinner and to take long walks to exactly no where, To be sited indoors and watch some of the most interesting all time movies and be curled up on the sofa just doing that. I like pretty much any type of music and can't get enough of it although I can be flexible to something new just to figure it out. I believe in fate and soul mates as well as the power of true love. There are no words to express my desire to be happy and to share that happiness with the right person in this amazing world. I just imagine how powerful a loving, dedicated, passionate, focused, happy, thankful couple can be in this world! As individuals, they are complete. As a couple, they can do anything. I dream of that relationship yet being a hopeless romantic..I appreciate one who is affectionate, smart, secure and emotionally available with a wonderful outlook and attitude. I am looking for man who is comfortable both giving and receiving in a relationship. A Friend first, then a lover. I mean Just someone I can't picture life without. I am self employed with the power to choose when I need a time out/break/vacation without seeking permission from anyone. The time has come to put my self first now.. I don't really like all kinds of sports, but would sit and watch it , if must and equally would expect my partner to sit through some soaps when I want him to.. More than anything someone that is willing to communicate and share themselves with me, have a commitment that we would both hold strong and deep, I know I am a better person when I have someone to love and I am excited for the next chapter in my life.

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