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Joseph Miller
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  Age: 25   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Ohio United States
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  Medium, Short
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About Me

My name is Joseph but you can call me Joe if you want. So yea if you wanna know more about me talk to me then ok :)))))
To all the wonderful beautiful ladies out there! This is for you for you all!!!
If you ever became my girlfriend losing you would be hell for me. I would tell how I feel and how special having you in my life really is, You make me so happy and I hope I do the same for you. I knew from the day I asked you out that I was making the right decision. I'm the luckiest guy in the world for having you.
Your beautiful, perfect and amazing, If I could hold you the rest of my life I would, and i'd know that im truly blessed. These are the things I would tell you if you were my girlfriend.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a female who agrees with me on my statment.

People now days say that romance is dead :( that is a lie
I say romance is still alive and well. The majority of girls still love to be romanced. Most important of all sweet talk to your girl and make sure you bring some romance into her life. Make sure that the girls loves your compliments. Be real about it don't be a fake about it because they can tell.

Girls love to feel special, they love to feel they are the prettiest, most sexiest creature in the world. Just make her feel special and nothing could go wrong. Be observant. Notice when she has had her hair done and pay her a compliment. Tell her she has lovely hair, beautiful eyes, soft skin and smells gorgeous. Be sure to notice when she has bought a new dress or new shoes and tell her how lovely she looks.

Make her feel special by sending her flowers, but don't send them to her home address. Instead send them to her place of work. She will feel so special when a big bouquet of flowers arrive at her place of work and they are for HER! Just imagine she will be the centre of attention and all her friends will be so jealous. Be sure to write something romantic on the gift tag so she knows they are from you.

Make her feel protected. Girls love a guy who makes her feel safe and protected.Treat her with respect and don't take her for granted. If you neglect her and take her for granted, she will soon find someone else who treats her right. Be spontaneous. Buy her little presents just for the sake of it. They don't have to be anything too expensive.


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