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Life is too short to stay unhappy.
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Jefferson City Tennessee United States
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  A few extra pounds
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I'm 20 years old and a Alumni of 2010 at Jefferson County High School. , It's . I love Bama football, and am very boastful about being National Champions of 2009 and 2011 . I love fishing, something I don't get to do much of any more, it taught me the meaning of the saying,"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work." I am probably the QUIETEST Reid you will ever meet, I just keep to myself. I enjoy and love to tinker with things to figure out how they work or diagnose whats wrong with it so I can fix it and save money; a lot of people tell me I should go study computer technology some where because I've gotten pretty good at working on computers and I never get tired of doing it. I'm also pretty good at installing stereos and sound systems in vehicles (I don't charge very much to do it) and am getting good at fixing my vehicles problems. Over the years I have gotten really good at reading people and their emotions, and I use a lot of logic about stuff. Maybe I should study phsycology . I am a preachers kid my dad is the pastor at Talbott Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Tennessee, but don't stereotype me, I'm a lot different than you think. This is my personality in a nut shell: quiet, reserved, observing and analyzing life with detached curiosity and unexpected flashes of original humor. Usually interested in impersonal principles, cause and effect, or how and why mechanical things work. Exert myself no more than I think necessary, because any waste of energy would be inefficient.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a beautiful and loving girl, who isn't afraid to be their self. Who is looking to build a friendship of trust and communication. Who be there for me when I need them and understand that life has it's ups and downs, and won't give up on me when I'm at a very stressful time of my life.


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