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"Oh yeah! I'm single and out on the prowl...RAWR!"
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Umm... Florida United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Very Short
About Me

Sadly Im internetless meaning I have no computer. To update I use the computer at my college. So since I can't respond to emails you send you'll have to Text me at my new cell number!! #407-473-8904
Yeah! Be ready to send me your picture(s) so I'll know who you are and if you're my type k? Thanks! And I hope to meet you really soon! Now continue on! =D

About me!:
"I am a Bi-sexual African American who thinks he's white lol. I'm sweet, cool, fun, artistic, and dependent to a point. Im here to find love of course. I'm Submissive and i want someone who's Dominant! I want someone who'll hold me when I need him, and someone who'll love me unconditionally and who would protect me from my Arachnophobia! o.o It's a serious fear guys lol. Im also into outdoor activities, hiking, walking, skating, whatever. As long as it's with friends im game! Speaking of candy...I'm a huge Wii fan if you couldnt already tell by the drawing of me holding an awesome Wii remote and Nun-chuck ;D I also like Xbox and PS3 (FF13 RAWKS MY FLIPPIN' SOCKS OFF!!) but Im no too into FPS games, but that doesnt mean you can persuade me to beat you in one! >:] If there's more info, I'll tell ya personally." =)

The first things people usually notice about me:
1. My constant smile! I'm almost always smiling and happy! I'm rarely discontent or angry.

2. My boisterous and spontaneous personality lol. I'm incredibly funny and I love to make people laugh.

3. My good looks and style of dressing. I like to dress in a wacky way or just classy, Im never seen in shorts or 'gangsta' clothes. No saggy-pants for this guy!

4. My Art! Im usually drawing up some cool character that makes people crowd me.

5. My apparent sex appeal?? o.O I've been told I'm Sexy? Strange, I never even try to be sexy! ^.^;

The six things I could never do without:
1. PEOPLE! MAN! I can't stand being alone for too long! I'm a Vair Social being! I LOVE being around people! I love working with them and everything! I had to have roommates or I'd never be home lol. I'm almost always having people over my house and hangin' with my friends. However! I greatly value the time I do have alone. There are just some things you can't do with a crowd of people around you. Like this for instant, since I'm in the closet (quite comfy too ^^) Cant be seen talking to guys in a romantic way lol.

2. My Art. I love my art and I think I'd be nothing without them. I remember one time...well, I'll tell you later, just know it was the first time in a Loooooong time I cried in public and didn't care :3

3. The Love of others. If I wasn't loved...I dont know what I'd do...Imagine, living in a world where NO ONE loved you. NO ONE. What would you do? It's a horrible thing to have people despise your very being...I never want to go through that. I love feeling loved.

4. My individuality. I'm different. I love being different. Im proud of my personality and the way I am today. I never want to assimilate with the rest of society.

5. Last but not least...SOUR CANDY!! :D

You should message me if:
Why you should message me even if you don't match what I'm into! I'm a friend of everyone!! I like everyone!! I'm here for ya pal! ;D

Not Really.

I'm the enemy of everyone. I hate Everyone. I'm NOT here for you and you're NOT my pal. B/


But seriously, I'm a good guy who really wants to find someone perfect for him. If you're interested in me, just hit me up, I promise I'm the guy for you! =) Well, maybe, let's just find out together.... <(^v^)> Just Text me and let's get started!

If you decide to get to know me, PLEASE dont reply ever other blue moon. I am trying to find my true love, and if you come on once a week how am I supposed to determine if your the one? Please help me by coming on everyday or every other day. If you want to be with me, act like it. Let me see you try. Im tired of waiting for an online icon or reply. I DO have a life...somewhat lol

That past update is old-ish, so just text me instead lol

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What I'm Looking For

Now as for the type of guys I like!:
"I want someone who's smart, of course can be smexy ;], sweet, funny, spontaneous, random, and just plain Awesome; someone who's quick to fall in love just like me. I need a guy who'll be my best friend, lover and maybe even big brother X] (I've ALWAYS wanted a big brother! Unfortunately, I was XcURseDx with a big sister and a younger sister. With that you can probably tell how I am what I am today lol) I would love to have someone who's good-looking, not that im picky, it's just I find it's much easier falling for you if you're pleasing to my contacted-eyes :} Also Im drawn to 6-8 pack abs...it almost doesnt even matter if the guy is handsome, if you have a ripped tummy that could wash, dry AND fold my laundry, I'll be your love slave!!....I seriously need to get some psychiatric help <(o.O)>
Anyways, thats all I've got for my thingie here. So if your interested, contact meh! I Promise on the heart of Davy Jones, that you'll love me." <3


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