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Focused Woman seeking a Romeo :)
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Michigan United States
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About Me

I am a very honest, open, fun, down to earth girl. I am loud and outspoken, so if you want a girl who will just sit back and shut up, thats not me. I hate drama and I hate conflict and will do everything in my power to avoid them. I am sweet and quirky, and horribly shy around new people. Once I warm up tho...oh boy..lol I dont shut up. I am alittle bit of a pervert and I cuss alot,which is not attractive but, its an addiction. I am a very passionate girl.I love life and I love being able to just do random, Im definitely one of those people who doesnt mind just driving around town and listening to music, just hangin out, dont even have to be going anywhere,just like to drive. I REALLY LOVE TO COOK!! I think that food brings people together. I watch the discovery and cooking channel almost all the time. But I also love Tosh.0 too :P I love to laugh and I smile alot...which is good for the soul :D
My music tastes include, hard rock, classic rock, 80's and 90's, pop, alittle RandB and blues, and classical.
Now for a list of things that make me unique:
~ I still respect my elders
~ I believe that kids now a days are brainwashed to think things instead of being themselves.
~ I am very family oriented, I am the first to admit they are crazy, but I love them.
~ I think the only way to get things you want is to work hard for them.
~ I LOVE gummibears :D (more of a random fact then uniquiness)
~ I dont like chick flicks, but I DO have a weakness for Disney movies

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What I'm Looking For

I like dark hair and prefer lighter eyes, but that doesnt mean that beautiful dark eyes are just as alluring. I am looking for someone who has a good head on thier shoulders and has good standards for himself. I want to be able to be cute and cuddly but also be able to just talk and have fun! Alittle romance never hurt either ;)

Turn on's :
~ Smarts
~ Argumentative (I like alittle fight in my men)
~ Nice smile
~ Sense of humor
~ Good hygeine!!
~ A little c*ckyness... :p
~ Must have some idea of the things that are going on in our world today (and I dont mean which rapper got shot last week)

Turn Off's
~ Not being upfront
~ Making up excuses
~ BAD hygiene
~ Clingy
~ Rude


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