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Its not how you start but how you finish
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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Redondo Beach California United States
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About Me

About me:
Im am an evolving spiritual being trying to find my way through this crazy and chaotic world. I am always striving for new experiences and trying my best towards reaching enlightment. I just got back from Barranquilla, Colombia where I was working as an International Teacher. I currently teach History for an inner city school in Los Angeles. I am fluent in Spanish and enjoy the Latin Culture. I try to travel internationally whenever I can. A good portion of my time and money is dedicated towards charity in underdeveloped countries. I am a very independent person and have traveled to other countries by myself numerous times.

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What I'm Looking For

Who I'd like to meet:
Due to my international traveling experience, I have been exposed to dating both American and Foreign women. "Generally" speaking I tend to have more in common with foreign women regarding moral and social behavior. From my personal experience foreign women tend to put forth more effort towards dating than American women and appreciate the smaller things in life that are often overlooked in this materialistic society. I would like to meet a down to earth humble girl with a sense of humor who apreciates the beautiful things life has to offer. I love to laugh and joke around. Being humble, thoughtful, good hearted and educated are all major turn ons. I believe that happiness comes from loving/accepting one self, not through materialistic goods. Too many people search for their happiness and love through other people (what they can get out of friendships and romantic relationships). If I could meet a girl with similiar goals, interests, personality, as well as a spiritual connection then I would be open towards a relationship.

Who I wouldn't like to Meet:
1.) Single Mothers (already been down that road and Im not looking to raise somebody else's kid)
2.) Women who spend half of their profiles claiming how "Strong and Independent" they are (these are the same women who get offended when asked to pay their half of the dinner bill and usually have huge self absorbed egos).
3.) Women who expect men to jump through fire hoops just to get a date (there are plenty of men who will do this but Im not one of them).
4.) Women who are not upfront and are indecisive (this is an injustice to those with a busy schedule).
5.) Women who claim they have average or athletic bodies when you know very well that your way over 160 pounds. Please be upfront, taking pictures of your face only or using trick photography will not hide the obvious. Believe it or not I have been tricked by this method.


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