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Twisting and turning. Contorting and exploding.
Online: 2488 days ago   Updated: 2488 days ago   Joined: 2488 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Sherman Oaks California United States
The Details
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  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

A little more detail about me:
-I'm in school to be a pharmaceutical doctor, so that's where most of my time goes.
-If you're not doing sh*t with your life, then get off this website and go do something with yourself (This one is more about you really).
-I'm very ambitious and do whatever I want...no matter what.
-I am NOT photogenic.
-I am an art geek at heart (starting a tattoo apprenticeship this summer)
- I'm covered in tattoos, sorry if that's not your thing.
-I never sit around doing nothing, if I wake up breathing, then I'll make an adventure out of the day.
-I never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death.
-I am fluent in English and Russian.
- I was born in Moscow, but you'd swear I was American because of my profound ability to articulate words.

What I'm Looking For

I've seen and experienced more than most people could imagine, especially for someone as young as I am. I know everyone has a certain darkness about them, but if you could put your past aside and try to look for a brighter tomorrow, then we would get along fondly. I'm not looking for mind-fucks or sluts, I'm over that dumb shit. I'm simply looking for someone raw and real, if such things even exist. I really enjoy the company of people that are comfortable enough to be themselves around new people, rather than putting up a curtain of bullshit and have people figure out exactly how full of shit they really are. If you think that your shit doesn't stink or that you're too good for everyone that's ever taken a liking towards you, without giving that person an opportunity to take your breathe away, then please, do yourself and everyone on this site a favor and just lock yourself up in a safe where you belong.

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