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Average girl looking for her average lover.
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
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About Me

Hello. My name is Hillary. I'm 21 years old and a lovely mother of one great and handsome 17 month old son. I am currently in and out of jobs with this damn economy, but making it by as much as I can of course.
I am into kick boxing and mma fighting. I've been going to kick boxing classes and getting the basics down before I start mma classes. I love sparing just messing around, great practice! I do drink a couple times a week, I like to drink. I'm not one to drink by themselves though, real lame lol. I love to go to the beach and also look up at the stars at night. Driving really relaxes me. I play COD = <3 fursure.
I have mutliple tattoos, two piercings in each ear, first holes are gauged to a two. Belly button and my lip pierced. My hair is red and blonde, dyed of course. I love my cats and dogs and my best friends are my parents. I still live with them because I don't want to be anywhere else.
If you want to know anything else just ask me =D!

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone to spoil me with love and passion. Someone who likes public affection and isn't someone who'd hide what they love in public or in front of their friends. I like to be flaunted and have some attention on me. I can give you, the right person for me, pretty much whatever you desire. I want to give my love to someone who will be good to me. Of course, getting the same in return.
I'm not down for liars and cheats. If you a falke you're wasting my time. I'm not looking for just sex or friends. I can get that whenever I that's what I wanted and I have a good amount of friends anyway.

Lets get to know more about each other =]


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