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Let's set fire to the world...
Online: 2862 days ago   Updated: 2863 days ago   Joined: 2863 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Sanford Maine United States
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About Me

I am having a beautiful baby girl, Halo Dahlia.
I am fun loving outgoing and adventurous.
The past year I have been back packing and traveling across country.
I love going to festivals and gatherings.
I love camping, and everything that comes with it.
I talk waayyy to much.
I tend to be ditzy and have no sense of direction.
I would loose my head it it was not attached.
I am polyamorus.
I am going through alot of stupid bull sh*t at the moment.
Its going to be hard being a single mom, but you better ****ing bet your ass I am going to be the best momma I can be.
Either you hate me or you love me. If you hate me go **** off, because I have plenty of people that love me.
I dance in my underware when I think no one is looking.
Even if I am on the phone I talk with my hands.
I am a raver child, festival hippy, and SLC Punk.
I hate popsicle sticks.
I put way too much cream cheese on my bagel.
Music I love all types of music.
Art moves me more than most things in the world.
I love the ocean its my favorite place ever.
Movies, depends on my mood. I love horror and gore and classic punk movies.
Some of my favorites are Trainspotting, SLC Punk, Requiem For a Dream, Clock Work Orange, American Beauty.
I read alot... alot of random off the wall things.
I have an unique and most often conterversial belief system.
I am 420 friendly.
My hobbies, well I take photographs, I write, I draw, I am very active and love just hanging with my homies.
I am a cuddle bug.
I do txt, maybe a little too much. So you can ask for my phone number.
I also am on facebook you can ask for that too.
I am living with my foster family due to medical reasons and complications due to my pregnancy. I will be getting back to living on my own when I am cleared by the doctor.
I am adopted and I love my family they are a huge part of who I am and in my life a great support.
When I am sad I will put my headphones on and sing and dance to whatever moves me...
So I am the worldly type... I have lived on the streets, I have been in and out of every scene you can name.
I don't claim to be perfect or innocent.
But I am sweetheart to those you deserve it.

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for my ying to my yang. I am most physicaly attracted to people who have body modification, tatoos, mohawks, dreds, crazy hair colors. You need to be conversationaly stimulating. Has to love kids and animals.Need to be passionate about life and the things that move them. I have a soft spot for bad boys... bad habbit =P I honestly believe when I meet the right person I will just know. Talking over a computer or phone is one thing, but people connect differantly in the flesh.

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