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Sou desu ne
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Naperville Illinois United States
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Ill start by what im looking for as not to waist any time. simply put, this is taken right out of a song but hey, it tells basicly what my dream girl is lol....no, you dont need to be exactly like this but something like this. (yes this is sarcastic lol) I suggest you look up the band "Leetstreet boys" and listen to the song "She's So Kawaii"
Met her at Gamestop Hello Kitty tanktop
Bunny ears and pink hair fawning over Zack Fair
Shooting Duck Hunt lolita and steampunk
Says she likes to RP always rolls a 20
Gravitation The organization
Miyazaki movies Hare hare yukai
So I wish she would make me her bishie
I'm loveless til that day Emo like Sasuke
She's so kawaii so I try so hard to make her squee
She's so kawaii can't deny she's the one for me
She's so kawaii in her eyes I see my destiny
Why won't she wake up and notice me
Sou desu ne
She's on Gaia her name is Aiya
Cosplay model photos chibi Miyamotos
Writing fanfic planning her Japan trip
Ramen and Pocky Ramune and Sake
She smashes at brawl gotta catch 'em all
Happy hardcore tearing up the dance floor
She'll crush me like her favorite plushie
How long waiting like this her Paradise Kiss
I live in Naperville, like 5 min away from Aurora (Wayne's world if you dont know the town) and im about a 30-45 min drive from Chicago (depending on trafic) and like 15-20 min by train. I was born in Chicago and spent my first 8 years living there (i still remember the exact layout of my old house). Real name is Rick, the profile name is my respective character in my books. and the picture is from 09 (taken at Acen) but i still look the same. Well im an otaku who really loves anime and Japan as well as playing tons of games. Im looking for someone who likes anime. Im a funny guy, or at least that's what i hear. I play card games from time to time such as Magic but spend most of my time on WoW. I am a writer and have a book out that is based around anime and am working on my second book. I am a BIG Black Hawks fan and try to catch every game. I have been to only one game at the United Center and it was ****ing amazing! it will really be allot easier to just talk to me or ask me what you want to know since its impossible to put myself on this blank box lol.
And btw, trust is hard to come by...and right now my trust in nearly anyone is next to zero...I was cheated on in my last relationship so...
Fave Music: J-pop, J-rock, some oldies, very rare will i listen to American music but if i do then it means its good.
Bands/Artists I listen to: to many but here is a few. Aya Hirano (dua), LeetStreet boys, panty and stocking with garterbelt albums, tommy heavenly6, ChoColate "syndrome", Kylee, AZU, Yo Hitoto, Olivia "dream catcher", Inoue Joe, Hearts Grow "Yura Yura", FLOW, Utada Hikaru, MIKU HATSUNE (obviously), BoA...there are literaly hundreds more but ill stop here since i think you get the picture of what i listen to...
Fave Food: Miso soup, steamed rice, Hibachi steak, Cheese burgers (who the hell dont like cheese burgers?)
Fave Drink: Coke. **** Pepsi. "whats that? you don't serve a Coke? well **** you then, im going across the street to eat buckets of shit, that's right buckets of shit!. The food might be lousy but at least they serve a Coke!" ~Lewis Black~
Current books being worked on: well Angelic Vision vol.1 was finished a while ago, I am in the proses of finishing vol.2 (about 40-45% done atm) and working on a romance novel and a book based on my personal life at the same time.
Current games being played: League of Legends(PC), Dead Island(PS3), Sims 3(PC Rarely), Age of Empires Online(PC Rarely).
Games im waiting for: Star Wars the Old Republic(MMORPG for PC), Diablo 3(PC), Kingdom Hearts 3(probably PS3), Batman AC(PS3)
My car: 92 blue Saturn. This car is the shit, i got it for 200$ and it has auto seat belts and auto start and has so far lasted me 4 years with only having to spend about an extra 250$ on maintaining it. I dare you to do better in price. 114k miles btw.
Fave U.S shows: Big bang Theory. best show ever. would you count family guy? The Walking Dead.
My family: my mom and dad obviously. I am the oldest of 3. I have a 17 year old brother (turning 18 in a month) and i have an 18 year old adorable little sister who is 18 and in college but i still see her as my cute little 10 year old sister. I value her more than my own life due to the fact that she donated her kidney to me on August 11th 2011.
Turn offs: Smokers, I will tolerate you only to a point. If you smoke more than 3 times a day then go away right now. (willing to make exceptions, meaning if i messaged you its ok)
Alcoholics: having a drink is a good thing, but understand that if your drunk more than once a week i wont even look at you. I dont really drink (like once a month and thats like a Mikes hard or something along that line). So drinking is ok, just as long as your not smashed every day of the week.
Workaholics: working is a very good thing dont get me wrong. But if that is your top priority then i have no room in my life for you (and obviously nether do you). Why are you even on this site? your just gonna work instead of spending time with the person your trying to date. and you wonder why your single and on here?
people who think money is everything: yes money runs the world sadly. But if you base your relation ship on money and how much that person makes then your going to be lonely for a long time.
Blonds: should i go into detail on this? lol (again, the only exception for this is if i messaged you. then your on the "ok" list)
Weight: this may sound mean, but i do have a limit on how big a girl can be before i say stop lol. Anything over 185 is probably gonna be a issue, but Ill try as long as you at least like anime.
Turn ons: i wont get to far into this ill just throw down some basic simple stuff.
~Black/Dark brown hair and red heads. but i like dark hair more.
~Short hair but not super short, down to the shoulders is the best, anything above your ears and its probably gonna be hard to tell if your a girl or not.
~shorter girls, anything shorter than me really. no limit to how much. even if they are just as tall its ok. but nothing taller than me. its an ego thing. (can make a compromise depending)
~Girls who are shy and tend to have that sweet innocence about them.
~And this will be the only physical attraction turn on i will list, your gonna have to ask if you want more about this. Cos-play.
My goals/Dream: For my book to become an Anime. And I like to cook, I want to own my own resturant and open a Manga/cos-play cafe.

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What I'm Looking For

Im such a die hard anime romance fan, that my dream is to have that best friend romance feel. (it would never happen but I can dream lol). Im really just all about making sure the girl is happy, i can care less about what I want to do. Truth is, that no matter what the girl wants to do, in my head i can plant a scenario that fits into a romance anime i have seen and play out all the way till the ending.

I would take you where ever you want to go. And trust me, you would love it.


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