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  Age: 65   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Exeter California United States
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About Me

If you are looking for a laid back nice guy send me a message. I enjoy life with a positive attitude. Loyalty to my friends and partner is one of my better traits and one I look for in a partner.
Listening to live music is one of my favorite pastimes. Music of many different styles is enjoyable with the blues being my first choice. Travelling to see our favorite musicians is something I would like to share with someone special. Music we can dance to is best, I don't know if I am any good at it but I enjoy dancing.
I love to spend time in the mountains at the cabin or exploring new places. Mountains are my first love but I have fun at the beach a few times a year.
Plane trips, Train trips, Bus trips (that we charter with friends) or car trips are fun but I would rather travel on my Harley. Riding my shovel-head with my friends is something I do often. We go to the coast the mountains or just ride somewhere for lunch most weekends.
My friends say I am a good cook, and I enjoy it. I am self taught so I make up my own recipes and experiment in the kitchen or on the BBQ. Teach me your tricks in the kitchen, cook with me or just watch while I cook for you.
Holding hands with my partner is special to me, along with hugs, accidental touches, kisses, sitting close and snuggling. As you can tell I like touching. It's great if someone I care about is "in my space".
Love is something I believe in but I don't push it. If love is there it will show itself in its own time. With friendship love can grow. With love friendship can grow. It takes both to make a "real relationship", who am I to say which will come first in my life.
I am flexible and don't have a lot of preconceived ideas or set in stone rules. My partners actions will come from what she feels in her own heart. Good or bad, true values of a person will come out on their own. If I have to tell a lady how to act or what to do I don't want her anyway.
Trust is very important to me. Being a trusted and trusting person I trust freely until it is proven that my trust isn't deserved. I like a woman who is a little bit of a flirt but I don't flirt much myself. With trust I feel my partner flirting is all in good fun. Jealousy is a destructive emotion and doesn't ever end well. If you have trust what is there to be jealous about. If you don't have trust you know who you are with. Don't get jealous just walk away, without it you don't have a chance at "true love" anyway.
If you think we might be a match jump on the back of my Harley and ride-------or sit with me in front of a crackling fire and snuggle!

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for my new best friend. Someone who enjoys the mountains, the beach, live music, riding street motorcycles (passenger or your own), exploring new and old places, snuggling at home and sharing life with a partner.
I like a lady who is able to be spontaneous, flexible and who is fun to be with. Someone who is comfortable with herself and considers loyalty and honesty in a relationship a must.
Feeling comfortable dressed up or casual is a plus but worrying about whether you are over or under dressed is a drag, just be yourself! Having your own style is good too.
Every lady is a unique individual. Different personalities are just that, "different", not good or bad. I like many types so I really don't know who I am looking for until we find each other.


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