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Marriage 1'st then sex, sorry girls.Women say i'm
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  Age: 44   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Wanchai Hong Kong
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

Females only please, NO guys!. I will be honest, i could lie and just take advantage of you but i am not that kind of person. In other words. I could let you assume that i have everything it takes to be a good boyfriend for you but i cant. 1st i will start with what i offer then say what i dont. I am a walking talking teddy bear, affection fanatic, hugaholic, cuddle crazy good hearted man. I am a loving person with self respect and base my entire life on my Buddhism. It is my life and i love it. I can be very romantic and caring for you, but now here is what i dont offer. Sex. So if your not interested now its ok i understand. I am supposed to be married 1st. The really good part is atleast you know i would never cheat on you lol. Im also a very nice kisser, not just a professional hug machine lol. If you are interested great. If you find someone else in the meantime, no problem but we should atleast stay friend. Right? It's no reason to stop caring for each other and i will always like your company and still love you. If you have questions please just tell me. Women say i'm vcute and loving and i want to make u feel like you are melting into the moment and you feel like u r breathing euphoric pink light for every half of your heart beats and other half for breathing out melting into each other, so slow timeless comfort and u smile. Floating through heaven's kindness. U will feel feelings in your heart more than ever before, like with a touching sensitivity on it. Like the blood is replaced with Liquid love/light/super concentrated beauty.
What I'm Looking For

Marriage 1'st then sex, sorry girls. Someone in Hong Kong or is going to live here. Not even slightly unkind people please. Though if you are unkind for a logical reason then fine, but must have morals and ethics and self respect towards innocent poeple. These info boxes cause people to be so judgemental so if you want to know ask me in your way.

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