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If you have read this far you are either bored
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  Age: 69   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Arizona United States
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How was the weather?..i hope fine, i think its time you wanna check about my profile and here are the first steps of things to know about me.

# 1 I have been a loving, caring and involved dad for 13 years!
# 2 I will love and respect you!
# 3 I am honest and faithful!
# 4 I will choose a night out with you over watching FSU spank UF or UM any day!
# 5 I will sit and listen to you tell me about your day, and I will tell you about mine!
# 6 Humor! I laugh in the face of Humor
# 7 Always leave the seat down!
# 8 No drama or issues!
# 9 You can teach an old dog new tricks!
#10 You never know when I might win the lottery!
#11 I will miss you if you get eaten by a shark!

What I tell you now comes from the softest spot of my heart. I have had the previlege of being a single dad to an outstanding daughter. My proudest accomplishment in life. I have dedicated 15 years to raising her, and I will always be here for her. My daughter has been my primary interest for so many years. Now that she is grown a little and might be off to college very soon , i will be 100% alone and lonely so i wouldnt like that to happen. Time to renew old interest and discover new ones. I am open to almost any experince. For those that have raised your children to adulthood; I need not explain that statement. For those of you still raising children; your day is coming.

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What I'm Looking For

You will need to fill this in before you can start messaI want to find someone that I can share and spend the rest of my life with. Do you remember your first love? The way you felt every time you were together. How ever minute apart you were anticipating the moment when you would be together again. The warmth you felt when you snuggled up together. The holding hands, the little glances, the looking into each others eyes and the smiles just because you were nearby. I want to find someone to share all those feelings and more. I want to meet the love of my life.

I am looking for someone to share the adventure of life with. Someone that shares my interests and at the same time brings their own interests to share. Someone comfortable in jeans and a Tee or a dress. Someone relaxed and comfortable seeking adventure or cuddled up on the couch watching a movie: chick flick, comedy or manly man action stuff. A rollercoaster riding, travel minded, concert going, football watching, comedy clubbing noles fan. all the better. I am setting out on the adventure of a lifetime! Come trek with me!

A good first date would be something simple. A nice diner, a walk somewhere near water and a good conversation. Once I get to know you: your likes and taste. Then I can get more creative and romantic.

The perfect date would go something like this. Secretely arranging with your boss for you to have the day off. A limosine picks you up at work. First you are taken to a spa for a lot of relaxation and pampering: massage, hair, nails, the works. Next you are taken shopping for a lovely evening dress: matching shoes. Then you are brought to your favorite restraunt where I will be waiting. After diner we take a casual walk by the waterfront and end up at our hotel room. Waiting in the room is a beautiful canopy bed with white satin comforter and sheets. Spread all over the bed at least 2 inches deep are bright red rose petals. A breeze from the balcony blows the white silk curtains open. Details of the rest of the night will be left to your imagination. But, by the way, the balcony is where I bend down on one knee to propose.


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