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I know a ladies language. B4 I was dumb.
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: tarboro North Carolina United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Very Short
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About Me

I am a guy that once thought I knew what turns a lady on.. Us men naturally think we know but actually know absolutely nothing of a woman's language. I learned when i realized how stupid, shallow and disgusting i was. You guys don't need a picture of a huge penis and some guy rushing his manly gorestick at you as if you like it.. you guys hate that shit. You are romantic creatures that need to know you are a rose among thorns.. every woman is because there is only one of each... and I've learned to treat you like the rarity you are. It's no wonder women fake it.. its because the man's whole approach is so not the language you speak nor does it touch the passion of your heart.
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What I'm Looking For

someone sincere and just freakin cool to hang with. Who knows maybe something will come of it. If you are just wanting someone to get to know that you won't regret knowing the feel free to to msg or call me. I could say I'd love to have sex and all that macho shit but that would just be a huge turn off... and we both know it. I looking for you to let me treat you the way your heart is made to be treated. lol and ill have to warn you i have a.d.d. and my neurons in my brain fire in a random chaotic mess at times and i say the most random shit... turns out its funny and weird and...hell its just me and thats all you gettin homie.

Btw.. yes my pics have me barechested.. ok so there's the shallow part..and its also the only pics i have on my comp atm lol At least you know you can enjoy the way i look....


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