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Be local, be real and be serious!
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  Age: 49   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: St. Augustine Florida United States
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About Me

Here's the thing.. I am a catch .. there I said it... thats right .. Im a catch!

I dont have children but I like them, I am not high maintenence, I dont expect you spend a lot of money on me EVER! I try to stay away from Drama as much as possible and I will not welcome it into my life. Im not boring by any means, very active and love to be out there doing things.

I like roller coasters, theme parks, beaches, oceans, boating, jet skiing, learning to surf, animals, scuba diving, surfing, waterskiing bike riding. I also love to ride horses and would love to find someone to go riding with. Water parks, exploring, dining out, shopping in out of the way little places or outlet centers. I dont do drugs and do not want to be around them. I do enjoy going to a local watering hole once in a while as well to spend time with friends.

I love to converse, so you are looking for a good conversationalist .. thats me, although I gotta tell you, not a big fan of pro sports, I dont watch football (unless its college - GO BUCKEYES)or NASCAR (yeah not enough alcohol in the world for that one) but if you wanna go to a pub and watch it on the big screen, hook me up with wings and a beer and Ill pretend I am enjoying it! If you wanna go out with the guys.. have a blast...

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for an active, compassionate, funny, intelligent, and most of all a gentleman. If you are a beach bum, surfer dude, scuba buddy, dolphin watcher, and a water baby its all the better.

You are local, and I mean local TODAY not next week not next month not next year. You are actually serious about wanting to date, you dont say hey lets go out and then you dont follow through.

Dont waste my time and I wont waste yours! If your not my type I will let you know.


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