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Hey im new whats up
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Marion Massachusetts United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

You will need toHow you all doing. I just wanna say this right now if your into the basic bad boy ass hole that you think u can change to make a better person and that makes you feel special then leave cuz i may sometimes dress or look like im a bad boy i guess atleast what i am told i am deffently not that. i am what i classify myself as is a New Age Gentlemen. meaning i open doors respect women am polite all that stuff but i talk and joke and act a little less stiff if you will. I do cuss i wont lie and that is one of my bad habbits other then smoking and no im not gonna quite right now with the stress in my life i enjoy my smoke at the end of the day. i have a car currently off the road long story ask me about it sometime it is worth a good laugh but lol im currently got a new job and training and yes i know it might seem foolish and retarded but i am training and soon will be performing for WWE style wrestling. i know childish in a way but we all have our little dreams and our childish wants even if most of us hide them and refuse to mention them for me although childish in a way its one of those things i would rather chace it now so in the later future if i look back i can say hey i tried and if this doesnt pan out im going to college and chacing the job of being a chef kinda of a family thing. i love metal music or rock in general but ill listen to anything but one thing with out some discomfort and sorry if you like it i understand alot of people do just not my thing and thats country. like i respect if you like it i do just not my cup of coffee.
What I'm Looking For

honestly a relationship is built off of a few things to me and honeslty the biggest is trust. you CAN NOT love someone if you dont trust them you really cant. Trust is a huge thing for me i give everyone a chance and hell sometimes a few cuz i relize were human and we make mistakes of course cheating is not a mistake its a choice. but ill forgive mistakes. i want someone that can be honest with me and if you ask me something then expect the truth and i might not word it with grace i will admit that but i dont sugar coat anything cuz to do that is to cover truth with lies and that means your lying. im sorry if i dont word things gracefully just calling it as it is. I dont belive in a relationship you must agree with what ever your partner says no thats not it but you should be there to support and stand behind what the person you are with believes in and wishes to do. no one is perferct deffently not but honestly i dont want perfect cuz you dont love someone for there good traits you love them for there bad cuz if there bad traits you can get past and still love them then there good ones even become grander. i do fall hard but only if im being allowed to and being told that they are too its a fault of mine sorry. i guess my main thing is i want a girl that is Loyal Honest Caring and can tell me to shut the **** up when it is needed cuz as you can tell i need that sometimes lol. if you wanna know more hit me up loved to hear from ya if not well you have a great life and i do truely hope the best for you. fill this in before you can start messaging other members

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