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I think you should look here twice!! :-)
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The Basics
  Age: 50   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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  Casual, Average
  Yes - living with me
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About Me

I'm the kind of person who loves to cuddle and sit back and watch a movie, but also enjoy going out and having fun. I LOVE family & friends sitting around a campfire talking, drinking n having fun! And I love being close with someone special.
I like History Channel, Tru TV and country music. I am FAR from a "neat and tidy" housekeeper (lol!). And I love animals but I'm allergic to cats! I am a really laid back person with way more patients then most. (My mom used to say I'd never have to worry about a heart attack ~lol) I like meat and potatoes but I'd not pass up an invite to Red Lobster either!
I like to keep warm in the winter (I HATE to be cold!). I like to go to the races. Mostly I like all the usual women stuff~ dining out, the movies, shopping, some sewing, some crafts, plants and flowers, etc.
It's so hard to put yourself into words to capture a virtual strangers attention and to get them to take a closer look...but that's exactly what we do online or in 'real life'. And I can SAY anything I want, here, about myself, but it's not until you start a dialect that you really know if you have anything in common or not. There's so much more then what fits in these little boxes! Things that didn't even cross my mind to mention might be the very thing someone else is looking for!
So if your still reading this, maybe you should consider 'taking a closer look' and see what I'm looking for too. Maybe it's you! :-)

What I'm Looking For

Trust, honesty, and loyalty (of course). I am faithful and expect the same in return. Someone that will treat my children and I with the respect and kindness that we deserve.
I am looking for something long term. I'm not into hooking up or one date after another. I am more settled and grouded.
I want that someone that I get excited about when I hear that someone pull in. I want to smile when I see their name come across my phone. To be proud of who we are.
Someone who maybe knows what "Indian tricks" are. Looking for someone who doesn't play games unless there video or card games (grin!). I accept that everyone has a past, and I know mines got some 'mishaps', so I don't expect anyone else's to be pristine. Just no full entire skeletons please!! LOL!
I'm not looking to please every man, just the right man. And you just know when it's right. It's not something that can be forced or made to happen, it just is.
I'm looking for someone loving, dependable. Likes kids and animals. Family should be important to them. Someone who's has a sense of values. Not afraid to show a little affection in public. Takes care of what needs to be done. And of course a sense of humor. Love to laugh!


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