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  Age: 25   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Granada Hills California United States
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About Me

First off, I am autistic, which is a mental disability. Please keep that in mind as you read my "About Me" and my "What I'm Looking For." Thank you.

I have been told I am funny, and I tend to get the most laughs from my multimedia classes at LA Mission College, which has about 20 - 25 people each class. I am also very romantic, sometimes more than a guy should be. I am a imaginative person, with an open mind about most topics. I don't tend to get in a lot of arguments with people, even if they are making me mad (of course everyone has a breaking point): I have learned to keep my feelings bundled up inside me until I am alone, where I tend to do something I enjoy instead of releasing my anger on inanimate objects, this really works for me. Also, I currently live with my parents and have no job, both because I am focusing on school. I have a talent to say what is on my mind, or have GREAT conversations, even if I don't talk about the topic much. (I'd say though my weakest topics are cars and sport teams. Those things have never really interested me.) I tend be fast in a relationship until we are able to hug for extended periods of time, or hold hands. Of course, I would never force someone into a situation where they would have to kiss me if they were not ready.

What I'm Looking For

I'm not quite sure what kind of girlfriend or friend I want. I am willing to try any personality. Just please be nice when ever you are hanging out with anyone, and have a personality like a teenager or someone in their young 20s. Also, please be understanding when I act immature for my age, since from what I would believe, I would have matured more if it were not for my autism, which is basically a mental disability, for those of you who don't know. Also, if you are extremely over weight, don't try dating me, but I will accept a normal friendship, and who knows, maybe it will become something else.
Also on a side note, if you want to date me, I don't have a car or license.


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