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Passionate & intelligent seeks renaissance man
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Mesa Arizona United States
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About Me

Well hello there...

I am an eccentric, a free spirit, a dreamer, an artist. I have the unnamable.

I am looking to find someone with a mind who enjoys being passionate, creative, and romantic. Someone who loves trading massages and being physical and intimate. Most importantly I want to find someone that I can connect with on a deep intellectual, emotional and spiritual level to have a rewarding sustaining relationship. Someone who would enjoy a date where we go to an art exhibit together, a long scenic trek just to see what we see, take photos together, make art together, go to the zoo together, or watch a moving film together. I love independent and foreign film, art, photography, animals. I love getting messed and watching something beautifully stunning, intellectually stimulating or hilarious and enjoying the physicality between bodies. I love to trade massages and cuddle. I am a professional massage therapist and would love to find a man who is also an LMT or very talented in that area. We can trade body work If we have a connection, we'll see where it goes. .... let's email tell me about yourself and what you desire in a woman, text, and see if we can hang out, go on a walk, and chill. Let's take advantage of this moment.

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What I'm Looking For

Let's trade poetry

I would love be to in a place serene

a lovely scene of brown and green

your surroundings create a silent haven

your quiet area to go within

a time to sit and be

be still be as the rocks the trees

the moss that surrounds you

grows within you

and you are free

When I think of my silent forest haven. A blanket of trees to call my home,

The man I see when I look to my side

has everything I have ever wanted...

He is present.

He is sincere.

He speaks with his eyes, his heart, and his mind.

When I speak he is truly engaged, listening, every word.

Never ignored.

He is verbally and physically expressive.

He loves to discuss psychology, philosophy, and issues of humanity.

Every moment we share together, I feel his touch.

Every time he looks at me, I smile.

Every time he touches me, I yearn for more.

Every word he speaks is significant and sincere.

When speaking of us he is romantic and honest.

Every moment he uses his hands to express his love.

He holds my hand, presses against me and holds my head.

He strokes my hair, massages my head, and kisses my third eye.

He enjoys our natural surroundings. Our trees amaze him as much as I.

Every day we share each other's company

We don't avoid each other for our friends.

He doesn't have social obligation.

We don't party until three am

Every night we would rather spend in each other's arms

than in the presence of others.

He enjoys my presence

He honors my femininity

He would never verbally express sexual interest another woman

We enjoy laying around together

exploring the energy between our bodies together

passionately making out and feeling each other up

slow progressive foreplay that results in natural lubrication

to sustain long and enjoyable love making

He is passion

He is explosive, fireworks

Taking hot showers and baths together

He would rather lay down and hold me

Every day we make each other laugh.

He would never disrespect me

He would never belittle my ideas

Talk down to me or make me feel less than his equal.

I look forward to meeting the man who writes words that can stir my soul...


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