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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: Parker Colorado United States
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Hello. I am what you call a rare or hot commodity, whatever that means. If this sounds like a joke to you then I suggest you stop reading. I am looking for someone who is real and knows what she wants in life because I do. Please, don't waste my time.
Now, about me. I'm intelligent, kind hearted, patient, respectful, compassionate, confident, loyal, faithful, selfless, strong willed, loving, caring, romantic, honest, noble, honorable, modest, and funny. I have class and it has nothing to do with the things I own but the way how I carry and represent myself and my family. I like to modify and work on cars, same thing with computers too. I watch anime from time to time since I've been into that for the past 15 years. I'm not into the club scene as much as I used to in my younger years. I want to find someone who can take me seriously and settle down in due time and that doesn't mean like getting married soon, it takes years or it depends on the compatibility. I do have a little girl who I love dearly and I will always put her first but I wouldn't mind of having more kids since I love being around them. I don't drink, but only on special occasions and that is rare! I'm going to school to finish up my medical studies since that is my primary and information technology is my secondary. I don't believe that there should be limitations when it comes to obtaining knowledge because you never stop learning as long you're still breathing. I'm not always serious because I know when to be playful and when not to. I appreciate the little things that life has given me, even if its just an acorn. I study martial arts, especially the combination of aikido and bujinkan to balance out my focus on peace and aggression since there is a mixture of ying and yang (So it pretty much gives you an idea that I work out to keep a strong mind and body). I'm also a 12th or 13th generation from the Ly Dynasty, nothing about royalty but the men in my lineage has been serving the Emperors as their commanding officers until the last one which was almost a half a century ago. This is who I am, don't hesitate to message me for more questions, regardless what it is. I'm always open minded to all aspects and opinions. Thank you for looking.

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What I'm Looking For

I can't really explain this but I think my list goes on and on. I'm picky because I never was from the start and I was not very happy about it until now. I'm sorry, I have to be picky.

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