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Trying to find someone good
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Not Putting This Indiana United States
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About Me

I'm really not that good at talking about myself, but here goes...

My name is Chris and I'm 20. I'm a computer nerd and damn proud of it, though I also like getting out and running around from time to time as well. If my username didn't give it away, my goal for the future is to design video games. I don't play them nearly as much as I used to, but video games had a big influence on me growing up and I still love the classics... I could go on about this and about what I'm trying to work on now and want to make in the future, but won't bore you with it unless you're really interested.

I'm currently going to college for computer graphics. Yep... It all goes back to the game thing, but it's something that I'm passionate about. I'm a full time student and I take my classes very seriously (well... the ones that actually have value and aren't just required because the school wants to milk more money out of me anyways).

I'd like to think that I'm an optimist. Life can be overwhelming at times, but I try to keep my hopes up. That said, I also try to keep myself grounded in reality. I aim high, but I set realistic goals and limits for myself.

What I'm Looking For

I want someone who can be open with me but isn't dependant on me... Someone I can trust... Someone I can have fun with in any situation. I'm not looking to rush into something, I want to get to know someone first and then if it's right, things will happen on their own.

I'm not interested in anyone who smokes, drinks or does drugs.


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