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Palm to palm is holy Palmer's kiss
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The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Michigan United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Athletic, Slim
  Stylish, Casual
  None but want some soon
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Hair Length:
  Shaven, Medium
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
  Brown, Black
About Me



Hello I'm Stephen but everyone calls me Frost (I'll explain the name later on.)

I'm attending LCC/college for my associates degree in business and masters in the culinary arts, I LOVE to cook and experiment with ingredients.


I work at a banquet hall hosting weddings and other assorted party's, such as Proms, Frat, Funeral Memorials, Birthdays and ect. The job duties are various and not set to specific people, I help cook, clean, set up, wash dishes, shofer, plate and serve food and soon I hope to learn how to be a bar tender.


I like going on hikes, watching movies, playing video games, sewing, carving stone and wood,-"making masks", going to the beach, having intellectual conversations, coming up with random story lines, reading, laughing till I cant breath, dancing in the rain, walking barefoot in the grass, anything oriental such as ying yang's, koy ponds and things made from bamboo.I'm a bit of a comic nerd... I love the Joker (original) not Heath Ledgers massacre. he was a great actor though. I love watching cartoons. ...this could go on forever because I like alot of things.


I try to see the best in others, I don't discriminate a person based on there "label" Life knows I've dated my share of valley girls and preps. I respect other peoples beliefs, ideas and religion but I don't like bible trumpeters or people who force religion on there children so if you plan on making your kids go to church... I'm not the one for you because it should be their choice when they come of age. I was raised by girls so no I'm not like most guy's. Guys should open doors, pull out chairs, and bring home a rose on Fridays and I have no problems showing my emotions. Ok now for a bit of harsh reality, I do believe in sex before marriage so if you don't, look for another guy. However I don't believe in having sex with just anyone, I need to feel right with the relationship. Sexual compatibility is also important in a relationship and if you wait till marriage then it may to late. With that said any even bigger reality check, I am not here for what most people describe as dating, many people date just for the sake of dating and fun, I date to find the person I will marry and going into a relationship I start with the preconceived notion of one day marrying that person I'm with. So I see the majority view of dating to be a waist of time, I take finding a partner to be serious so if your immature and can't handle a commitment , don't waist my time.

More About Me And My Life

Yet again I'm Stephen, I was born in St. Clair Shores, My parents Divorced when I was 3 and I was raised by my Mom and Aunt Sue. My Mom and lived at my aunts with my "" brother David (passed away when we were 16) and my sister Patti till I was 7, then my Mom and I move to Holt to our own place. In the 3rd grade my friend Dennis and I were playing on the lake in his back yard in the winter and the ice cracked causing me to fall in. I drowned trapped under the ice but Dennis managed to pull me out and when we were at the hospital he was telling me how purple I was and he started calling me Frost. It caught on with everyone to the point where teaches would call my real name and I wouldn't recognize it. In high school I was really into Graphic Design, I took "Graphic Design 1 & 2 and was the Graphic Design teacher assistant" I LOVE art and am well known in Holt for it. One of my drawings was the cover for the Holt art fair and I won a competition to have my art sent to Malaysia. The "Rose" in "Frost Rose" is based off a tradition I had in school. On the first day I would bring a rose to school and give it to a random girl who didn't look as though she was happy in order to brighten up her day. I also kept my hair rose red and I have roses hanging all around my room. O and I'm full of useless facts!

The Key Necklace

My Key Necklace is very special to me and I will never remove it. My X gave it to me and said it's the key to her heart and I gave her one and said the same. They both go to the same house so they look the same but hers is gold and mine is iron. She was pregnant with our daughter and had a miscarriage, she got depressed and got into drugs and eventually left me for her dealer. Prior to the drugs we were going to get married but life doesn't work out the way you want it to. Her and I cant stand one another now but we both still keep on our necklaces out of a respect and a memory. If you have a problem with this, I'm sorry but I'm not going to take it off.


I plan on being the worlds best father and husband. I want to settle down and start a family however a person has to be my friend before they can be my other half and in all honesty I'm 100% ready to have kids, sorry if you think that's blunt but it's true. I'm a child at heart so I'm going to be the dad that tells his kids story's off the top of his head before putting them to bed, having tea party's with my daughter and going on adventures to far off planets with my son.... "pretend planets"lol. I want to have my future first born sons baby hand print, name and birth date tattooed on my right palm and my first born daughter's on my left so I can always hold there hands. Then in the future they can see how big they've gotten. As for my future wife I don't believe in divorce, in the old days a man could meet a girl he barely knew and they'd be marred for 60+ happy years. I believe in working out your problems and not giving up. In 60 years I want to roll over in the morning and see my wife be able to still say "I Love You" with 100% honesty.

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What I'm Looking For


Ok first off don't wright me off for what you read after this sentence because there only preferences not requirements and I want to be 100% honest with what I like but am not limited to girls of this description because I am far from shallow, besides this list is rather short. Shorter then me. Freckles are a big plus and so is natural ginger red hair. O and a squeedly spooch.


No six-packs... "If a girl has a six pack I get a little grossed out". Fake and bake tans... I don't want to date an orange crayon or someone who's skin looks like a leather chair. I am 100% against smoking, drugs and hookah so obviously I WILL NOT DATE THOSE WHO TAKE PART IN THEM. No ICP fanatics!


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