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So lets see what this is all about.
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Richmond hill New York United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

So, about me. Who I am? My past times? To sum this up would be impossible, why? because we all live, everyday there is something new about me, something that can change, not that it does but we are alive right? we do live. And in living I can't fill this out, I suppose though if anything the basics work don't they?

i am a mature young man who knows what he is looking for, goal driven, and focused. i work hard for the job i have, i am working harder for the job I want. I love to cook, I worked at a restaurant for a few years and picked a few things up. I Love to laugh, and joke around, am serious when need to be of course but a good laugh always lightens the mood, makes everything feel right. down to earth, simple yet complex, I want someone who wants to learn about me, learn my dreams, my goals, my life and just be the other half of my life. I am just looking for Her..and who is she? I am sure when I find her, and she finds me our hearts will know.

Want to know more? email me anytime i am like an open boot.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone who enjoys the simple things, as well at the complex things. Staying in watching a movie? Or going out someplace nice and relaxing, Maybe travel? Maybe visit family? A bar a club? go hiking or for a jog. I just like someone who is laid back and is open minded, not that these things all need to be done, No but just know what you want, and know that life is short and sometimes its those little things that make smiles, and smiles that make great memories.

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