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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Hopkins Minnesota United States
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  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

Hey, im Zach, I love music, ive played guitar for the last 6 years self taught
I also like sports, my favorites are hockey, lacrosse, and football
I also played lacrosse.
During the winter i love to snowboard.
Im going to school to get a degree in film and video production, ive been doing some video editing on the side and the feedback is pretty good so i must be doing something right.
Im really easy to get along with, music is life, i could go on all day about bands and guitarists, im always tryin to have a good time, im pretty laid back, you just gotta meet me, i cant explain myself in a paragraph
My taste in music is really refined, my idol is guitarist dimebag darrell who played for pantera, and then damage plan until he was shot and killed on stage
I cant stand the radio tho, damn near everything on the radio is garbage, i cant be the only one who thinks nicki minaj sounds absolutely awful, hearing her over joe satriani's "always with me, always with you" made me sick to my stomach

just alittle taste of my taste... (band/fav song)
and i do know some of these on guitar

the BRIGHT eyes=(first day of my life)
the Black KEYs=(act nice and gentle)
AfTeR the BUriaL-(the fractal effect)
VeiL of mAyA-(the dark passenger)
the WHITE STriPes=(hardest button to button)
WiZ KHaLiFa-(reefer party)
Kid CuDi-(make her say)
the ARcTic MoNkeYs-(temptation greets you like your naughty friend)
the BEATles-(octopuss garden)
the ROLLing SToNEs-(wild horses)
SUBliMe-(dont push)
AuGuSt BUrNs ReD-(composure)
BrinG mE the hOriZon=(alligator blood)
aSkinG alEXanDRia=(not the american average)
atMoSPHere-(between the lines)
a DaY to rEmeMbeR=(if it means a lot to you)
MaJoR LaZeR-(keep it goin louder)
RAtM-(calm like a bomb)
Rise aGainST-(swing life away)
Red HOT cHILLI PePPers=(cant stop)
MiSs MaY I=(tides)
ChiCKeNFoot-(soap on a rope)
QuEEns of the STonE agE-(quick and to the pointless)
THem CRooKeD VuLTuReS-(mind eraser)
jaCK joHNsoN-(do you remember)
SARAh WHerE is mY Tea-(empty promises)
pRoTesT the HERO-(bloodmeat)
AttAck aTTaCK!=(AC130)
DRoP DeaD GoRGeouS-(2 birds 1 stone)
SRV-(life by the drop)
TroLLey SnAtchA-(roccos revenge)
... i have to admit I do blast ke$ha in my truck sometimes sooo yea lol i dont really listen to a specific genre, often im totally random about what to listen to

What I'm Looking For

If you dont have an open mind, then dont waste your time, i dont care about sex, politics, religion or if you smoke, drink, do drugs... ITS ALL BULLSHIT! Does it really matter? if you dont take the time to get to know someone then your wasting your time. I want somebody that has similar interests... music, movies, snowboarding, sports. its not everything but its a start. I dont want somebody thats content living in a box their whole life, i want somebody who thinks more progressively. Can you keep up with that? I need someone who can take care of themselves, if you have problems, do something about it! im not here to fix your life, im not looking for obstacles, im looking for somebody thats ready for a relationship. If you dont understand any of that, then what does that make you?

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