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If you can Imagine it, you can create it!
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Taylorsville North Carolina United States
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  Athletic, Average
  Smokes only when drinking
  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut
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About Me

A more speculative Tiger than we already know is personified by this clear-thinking, zigzag personality. Aquarius lends Tiger vision. Tiger congeals some of the free-floating mental jello that characterizes Aquarians. This combination sign provides the world with many innovators. Aquarius/Tigers go crazy for modern methods. They are purveyors of all sorts of new ways of accomplishing old tasks. They are into everything from the dernier cri computer software for pet training to obscure relaxation techniques developed by astronauts in zero gravity. Aquarians are the weirdoes of the zodiac. Tigers are not exactly known for their stability either. So this person can be said to be "marginal" in that he doesn't fancy settling down in a quiet place to raise family or pursue a calm career in dentistry. There is a spirit of revolution here. Aquarian/Tigers want change. Sometimes it's only change for themselves which is why they move about so much. But often they will start a crusade for big change in government or work for feminist or class action causes. Love with this zany character is lots of fun. But it doesn't often last too long. Don't be surprised if you wake up on morning and he or she is long gone - off on another quest for change.

Famous Aquarius Tigers - William Burroughs, Germaine Greer...

Hi my name is Michael some people like to call me Mike. I look very young for my age some people like to think I am younger than what I really am. The food that I like is just basic, and simple. I like burritos, burgers, steak, general tso chicken, fried rice, salads, fish, shrimp, pasta, and egg rolls. My favorite things to watch on TV are The Office, and House. When I was 13 I picked up the bass guitar, and started playing with bands, churches, and events. So it has been like 8 years that I have been playing bass guitar. The books I like to read are mainly Sci-fi, Astrology, Psychology, Paranormal, and Phenomenon books. Lately I have been thinking of taking up artistic painting until I can get good, maybe even pottery classes too. My parents took me out of public school at the 6th grade then that started my Homeschooling until I was ready to pass my G.E.D. test, not a big fan of homeschooling so it cut my social life a little bit. The moments I look forward to are getting my own house in the future, spending time with a girlfriend all over the world, getting a bachelors degree and becoming an I.T Specialist. Having your tonssils taken out is a plus... lol Just kidding! If there are any other things you would like to know about me then ask me in a message. I enjoy Art, Music, Movies, Peace at mind, Relaxing Meditation, and Video Games.

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a nice, sweet, loving girl. She should be average and not over the top kinda personality. I'm not very specific atleast not right now.

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