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Single Fit Sexy Female in Las Vegas
Online: 2475 days ago   Updated: 2475 days ago   Joined: 2475 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 50   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Las Vegas Nevada United States
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About Me

I'm a very open, honest and to the point, and expect the same from you. That being said, you should know that I am actually little older than indicated. I realize people use age as search filter and at the risk of appearing immodest, I believe I look better than women my age and even perhaps even better than some women half my age. My pictures, which I took myself with a cell phone camera, are probably the most current on this site. I think most people would agree that age is just a number, but if this is truly an issue for you then you should probably move on. Also, I'm not interested in "friends with benefits" (I don't sleep with my friends, sorry LOL), casual sex, one nighter's or a series of one nighter's so if that's your intent, do us both a favor and don't even bother.

I currently work multiple jobs in related fields, so my free time is prescious and would like to spend that time with the right person.
I live on my own and have no room mates. I live under my own means, have my own car and minimally, expect the same of you.

I like music - mostly top 20 and classic rock. I also love to sing love songs every now and then, though I mostly reserve that when I'm alone driving or showering or something.
I like arts and crafts, particularly making handmade gifts for friends and relatives.
I love Sushi, Lobster, most any seafood. I like keeping fit and will generally only eat those foods which are healthy and nutritious.
I care for my body and appreciate others who at least make the effort to do the same. I'm by no means a perfect physical specimen, nor do I seek perfection in a partner. But I do seek someone who shows a desire to grow in life.
I enjoy simple pleasures. Spending QUALITY time together is important to me. I am usually content with quiet evenings at home together but can also enjoy the occasional night out on the town as well. I think a good match for me would be someone I can do everything with or nothing at all, and still have a good time.
I love affection, holding hands, kissing in public; I'm not shy to express myself.

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What I'm Looking For

I am proactively seeking a stable, mutually enjoyable relationship. I have no agenda or ulterior motives other than to meet someone with like-minded desires. I work diligently at being a person of great integrity and value altruism. I'm emotionally stable and seek the same. I see no value in people trying to control others. I despise power trips and mind games in all forms.
A good match for me would be a man who doesn't run from commitment, but rather embraces it. Loyalty and a loving nature are very attractive traits to me. Honesty and Non-Smoker are MUSTS!In a PERFECT world the guy I'd like to develop a relationship with would be tall, fit, attractive and clean-cut.


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