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Calm, down to earth, easy going.
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: hilton New York United States
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About Me

Hmm, not much to tell.
I'm 23, a BIG girl, lol.
I'm interested in mostly making friends, but if something more happens, then cool. ;D
I'll try and keep this simple..

Things I like:
Video games (mostly adventure, horror, action, some rpg)
Animals (I have a dog and cat, love them, I love farm animals as well.)
Comics (Yeah, I'm a big nerd. Love american comics and japanese manga, and more.)
Movies/shows (I'm a big movie buff. Love horror movies and so far most of my favorite shows have been about the paranormal.)
Art (I love to draw, most of my friends are also artists, and I just appreciate art in whole.)

Those are my main things. Of course I love other things, but not as much as those.

I'm mostly a low energy and calm person. I enjoy spending time with the people I care about whether it means just watching movies, playing video games, or going out some where.

Other than that..
I'm low maintanence, I'm eager to please, even if I can be quite bossy and bitchy at times.
But I am pretty friendly. At least I like to think so!

As for my religion and beliefs..
I neither believe nor disbelieve.
If there is a god or whatever, great, good, whatev.
But it's not the center of my life.
I figure if there is a heaven or hell, god will know where to put me in the end.
I just try to be a good person.
And I'll never ridicule some one for their beliefs.

I could go on about myself, but it's best to just ask what you'd like to know.
Get to know me. <3

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What I'm Looking For

I don't exactly have a perfect match but I'll let you know what I like..
First off, I like both females, males, and any other gender identities.
I fall in love with the person, not so much the body they are in.

For men, I tend to like taller husky guys. Or some one that can make me feel safe. I'm no push over myself, but when it comes down to it, I'd like my man to be able to defend me. Or at least try his damn best.
A calm and non aggressive guy is best. I've been around too many violent men, and it scares me.
He has to me open minded.
My best friend happens to be a gay male.
So I can't have any ignorant hate in my relationship.

A sense of humor is a MUST.
If you can't make me laugh, I'm afraid it probably won't work.

And if you like video games, well that's just a plus!

A positive outlook on life is great too.
There is too much depressing stuff in life, my partner needs to be able to make forget about it. To be my support.

For females, I tend to like chubby girls.
Preferably who can appreciate art and are low maintanence.
A girl who isn't dramatic or looking for drama.

She also needs to have a good sense of humor, be able to laugh and not take things too seriously.

I like girls that aren't too butchy but not too girly as well.


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