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Seeking fun and an emotional connection
Online: 3678 days ago   Updated: 3679 days ago   Joined: 3679 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 58   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lebanon Connecticut United States
The Details
  Clean Cut
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Hair Colour:
  Blonde, Grey
Body Type:
  Average, Stocky
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About Me

Hello, fellow member of the Unrealistic Standards Club!

Incredibly, I have no interest in sports, and I don't fish. Scientists continue to study me to determine the cause.

I seek a relationship based on mutual physical and emotional attraction, and the pleasure of each other's company.

I get along well with unique personalities, and adapt well to unconventional situations. I'm nonjudgmental, and I'm not particularly concerned with politics, religion, education, living situation, or social/economic class. Incompatibilities in these areas will not derail a relationship based on a true emotional connection; nor will compatibilities in these areas save a relationship where no true emotional connection exists.

Once or twice a week, we will meet for: a trip to the shore; an evening of cocktails and jazz; a hike, whether in natural or urban environments; or dinner side by side in a booth, in a restaurant that is not too crowded.

In the evening, we will find a quiet, not-too-brightly lit place where we can recline and become comfortable, split a bottle of wine, and share the experiences we have had, together and separately, here on planet earth.

While apart, we will stay in touch, and be sustained by the knowledge that we are thinking well of each other, and that we would be together if we could.

If I'm fortunate enough to find a relationship like this, it's my wish that it become exclusive and continue one good week after another, indefinitely.

In the meantime, I'm glad to meet new people, enjoy conversation, and learn.


If your intent is a long-term relationship and you have kids, we are not a match.

What I'm Looking For

I seek a naturally affectionate, emotionally available woman; a free thinker who is perceptive and formulates her own ideas about the world; who engages the man in her life without reservation.


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